How to stream or download Movies

1. How do I stream or download a full movie or TV show episode?

First you must sign up on our copyright-secure direct streaming page – you can stream or download full tv show episodes and movies in 1080P. You must complete a few verification steps to confirm you are NOT from China, Russia or Japan which are banned for copyright reasons:

Step 1:

Click here to sign up on our secure 1080P server to download or stream our full movies and tv shows

Server 2:

If you receive errors or can’t sign up for some reasons you can use our second server by clicking here

Step 2:

Enter your email and choose a password.

Step 3:

Click continue.

Step 4:

Fill in your first name, last name, zip and credit card details. You will NOT be charged, it’s free.

Step 5:

Log-in using your email and password you entered in step 2. Now you can freely download or stream our full movies or TV shows by searching or browsing the categories.

On our copyright secure server, you will find over 1,2 million full movies and tv show episodes including all the most popular and newest movies and tv series on imdb.

2. I clicked the “watch now” or “download” button, how do I proceed?

To download or stream a movie you must click on the button that says “watch now” or “download”. It can be found under the poster image of every single movie/TV show we have.

Click the button and it will redirect you to our copyright-secure server. Now click on the play button to stream or the download button to download it to your computer. If you are looking for a specific tv show episode, just select it after clicking on the play button.

If you don’t have an account follow these steps (same account as in question 1):

1. Enter your email and choose a password to sign up on our secure server where you can stream all our movies and tv shows from.

2. Create an account.

3. Fill in your first name, last name, zip, country and details. We need your details to confirm that you are not located in Japan, China or Russia – it is a free membership.

4. Now log-in using your previously chosen email and password, use the search button in the right area to find the movie you are looking for or browse by looking at our categories. Currently we have 1,255,676 full movies and TV shows available in 1080p HD to download or stream including all the popular and new movies.

3. You don’t have the movie or TV show I want to watch?

Make sure you are searching for your movie/TV show on our secure server as explained in step 2 and are logged in on your account.

We have ALL movies and tv shows listed on IMDB.

4. I am looking for a specific TV show episode – do you have it?

If you are looking to watch a specific season or episode of a TV show simply search for the TV show name, for example “game of thrones”. We have ALL the seasons and episodes available to stream or download as listed on IMDB. Simply click the watch now or download button, sign in and select a season and episode of your choosing to download or stream.