How to Run SMS Campaign that Recipients Would Love

SMS marketing once failed because recipients didn’t like those text messages. Today, there are cellular regulations to follow, but your audience might still not like your messages. You have to reach out to them to make sales and grow your business.

If they keep hating you, how would you be able to run a business?

That’s why you must find a way to make a place on the good side of these recipients. If you brainstorm and work smart enough, you will come up with something that the audience would look forward to receiving your messages. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Don’t Disturb Irrelevant People

You should use a mass text app to record the response of each message. If someone shares discomfort or doesn’t respond to any of your texts, you might want to get him off the list. This ensures that you contact only relevant people who are not disturbed by you.

Use Humor in Your Texts

Humor is the best way to engage anyone. There are television commercials that people want to see because of the entertainment they offer while advertising a product or service. Although there are barely 160 characters to make a point and use humor in it, you have to find a way to run a successful SMS campaign.

Send Discounts and Special Offers

Occasionally send your opt-ins and new potential customers discount offers and invite them for exclusive sale. No one will hate your messages if you inform them about discounts and offers. They will appreciate and look forward to them.

Give Them the Option to Unsubscribe

Always give them the option to unsubscribe from your text messages. You can ask them to reply “stop” or “unsubscribe” to stop receiving messages. This will filter your list of people that are not interested in what you offer and save you the cost of unnecessary texts.

Don’t Text if Not Necessary

You have to engage your existing customers, but don’t text unless absolutely necessary. You should only send an SMS when there is something worthy of their reading time and would be useful for them.