How to make the best coffee with a French press

There are many methods to prepare a cup of coffee, from stirring instant coffee in hot water, to the drip method. Lately we have seen that the coffee grinder for French press has gained popularity among lovers of good coffees. It’s a simple, and relatively cheap, way to make coffee.

The way in which coffee is made in a French press, also known as cafetiere or coffee press, is letting ground coffee stand in hot water, and then pushing the coffee to the bottom. Some people think that because coffee beans are dipped directly into hot water during preparation, coffee brewed in the French press has more body, is softer and generally has more flavors.

Because there is no filter, all the oils and flavors of the coffee beans remain in the final drink. If you want good coffee, obviously the most important thing is to have freshly roasted coffee beans of good quality. You do not want the coffee to have been exposed to the air for a long time; the grains should look greasy and should be very aromatic. When buying coffee, look at the expiration date; you should know that once the bag is opened, the beans begin to lose flavor after a week.

Something great important is the grinding of coffee beans. Ideally, you should buy coffee beans and grind them yourself a few minutes before preparing them, otherwise they may oxidize. The grinding should not be very fine, since it is possible to cover the filter of the coffee grinder for French press, it is best to be a coarse grind and of the same consistency, some say the size of breadcrumbs. For this it is essential that you have a mill that allows you to grind in different thicknesses. If you want to buy best coffee grinder for French press you can visit at

Another aspect to consider is how strong you want your coffee. The general rule is a spoonful of ground beans, for a cup of water (240 ml). If you prefer a more loaded coffee, then you can use two tablespoons per cup. If you have too much charge, then just add more hot water. And speaking of water, the temperature of the water also affects the result of the coffee. If you use very hot water, you can end up with a bitter coffee; on the other hand, if you use water that is not hot enough, you can lose several flavors. Ideally, a temperature of 93-96 ° C. If you do not have a thermometer, boil the water and let it rest for 30 seconds.

Since you have all the raw materials ready, now is the time to prepare the coffee. It is advisable to first place the ground coffee in the bottom of the coffee grinder for French press and pour a third of the water. After let stand for 30 seconds and stir, this will help all the coffee is saturated with water so you have a coffee full of flavor. Then add the rest of the water and place the lid on the jar, with the plunger up.

Rest time is also a very important factor; experts recommend that you leave it four minutes. If you like it very loaded you can leave it for six minutes. Once the time has elapsed, press the plunger all the way down, gently but firmly. And with this it is ready to be served consumed. Because the water is still in direct contact with the coffee, if there is something left in the press it is very likely that they will continue to extract flavors and oils, so if you are not going to drink them at that moment, it is best to empty them in a thermos.