How to Get the Vintage Look with your Bridesmaids

There are countless themes to choose for your wedding day, but vintage themes are so popular now with brides and their grooms as they can look so unique and beautiful. Typically, as a couple, you will decide the main colors of your wedding and then choose some accent decorations that match your chosen theme. Your bridesmaid dresses have to match this theme and be in line with the selected theme perfectly as they’re a pretty huge deal and a big part of your day. Since there are so many wonderful vintage colors available we thought it would be in your best interest to list some tips on how to get the vintage look for all your bridesmaids. Not only have we included the best and most popular vintage colors but there are some tips included too!

Vintage Bridesmaid Dress Colors

The color of your bridesmaid dresses will make all the difference if you’re wanting to set a perfect vintage scene. One mistake can be detrimental to your whole wedding experience. We know you probably have ideas, but we’ve included some of our favorites below;

  • Dusty Rose
  • Deep Green
  • Traditional Navy
  • Luscious Red
  • Bright Frosted Yellow

All of these colors would match a vintage theme, but we particularly love dusty rose bridesmaid dresses or maybe the frosted yellow styles. It is your decision though so just be sure it’s everything you want it to be before you purchase them.

Try a Traditional Hairstyle

To match with your vintage style dress, you have to ensure your bridesmaids have vintage hair. Anything from tight curls to a traditional updo style. If you’re not entirely sure what hair look to choose for your bridesmaids, googling some cute vintage hair looks is always a perfect idea there are tons to choose from, you’ll have difficulty choosing which one you prefer. You could even try an iconic vintage fashion hairstyle and opt for something like Marylin Monroe rocked. Curls are always super elegant, and most bridesmaids will be happy with curls in their hair.

Choose Lace Detailing

Most modern bridesmaid dresses are plain and simple, but if you’re wanting something vintage and unusual when lace detailing is something you should try out. Not everyone loves lace, but when it’s placed perfectly on a dress, it can look stunning. Not every vintage look is finished with lace detailing, but the majority is. It might be that you’re wanting a 1920’s vintage style to your bridesmaid dresses if so, lace isn’t the way to go. But if you’re wanting a 1970’s or 1980’s wedding style, lace was the ultimate trend then.

Accessorize with Pearls

For the last 5 years, pearls have been making a comeback, especially when it comes to accessorizing your bridesmaids. Brides who are opting for a cute vintage look love trying out pearls as they’re the icon of true vintage style. From the royal princesses to your wedding day – everyone should have the chance to rock some beautiful pearl accessories. Even if you’re only buying your bridesmaid’s pearl earrings or bracelet, it’s still a beautiful addition to their style and overall look.