How to get more money by selling an old car?

You might not realize, but the ticket to getting some extra cash might be sitting right outside your door, or, to be more specific, in your garage. The cars you own that have seen better days before can now be your way to make some extra cash. Believe it or not, there lies a big market for your used cars. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to maximise the potential of your old cars so that selling it is not a hassle for you.

The steps to take before selling an old car

The following are some of the steps provided by San Luis Obispo car dealership that you can take if you have made up your mind about selling your old car.

1. Sell a working car

Do not wait for your car to go all wrong till you decide to sell it. It is best to sell the car to someone while it is still in a working condition. There are many cars on this market that have only seen gentle usage, and then the owner has decided to sell.

2. Offer some extra value

You can include the owner’s guide and any paperwork related to a new car when you sell your vehicle. The buyers see all of these papers as add-ons that give them the extra nudge to make the purchase.

3. Stop going overboard

You should definitely spruce up the old car when you want to sell it in one piece. But, make sure that you do not go overboard with all that rework. Fix the parts that are necessary in terms of maintenance. The car needs to pass the safety checks smoothly.

4. Transparency in advertisements

If you are putting up an advert for the old car, do not claim something that it is not. Being upfront helps you build credibility and trust with the buyers. Take good pictures from every angle to show them the truth.

5. Dismantle the key parts

If the car is no longer in a working condition, you can dismantle it and sell it off in parts. You need to keep in mind that parts are highly valuable. Bring in someone to take out the key parts of the car and then, you can sell it all for a high price.

6. Sell the rest as junk

You can sell the rest of that car as junk metal as you would not have anyway got much money that metal. You can always head out to the car dealer near San Luis Obispo to know more about selling old cars.

Many people buy old cars and then turn it into something new to be sold at the market for a high price. You can take that path too if you do not wish to stop at selling your old car. The old cars have a vintage look about them that brings in value. The situation gets even better than ever if you are in possession of a car that is not available in the market anymore.