How To Find The Best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet, and it enjoys a stellar international reputation right now. Italy, which is known for its iconic foods, is among the top producers of the oil type. In fact, Italian extra virgin olive oil is extremely popular among chefs across the world.

The rising popularity of the oil is also taken as an opportunity by fake olive oil sellers to offer low-quality oil at low prices. Several buyers fall for the product’s artificial color and the fake ‘Made in Italy’ label. How to purchase high-quality extra virgin olive oil?

You can get the correct answer to the question by following the right procedure to finding  Italian olive oil. Let’s discuss how to get the best extra virgin olive oil from Italy.

●    Choose A Store Wisely

You can start with typing ‘store to buy virgin oil near me’ on Google. You may come across several stores claiming to offer high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil onlineat a cost-effective price. However, not all of them are trustworthy to buy a genuine product. Search for an Italian store reputed for selling products made in Italy. The online shop will have virgin olive oil products produced by renowned Italian brands.

●    Look Up The Producer

Once you have found a place to purchase your product, learn in detail about its producer. Do some research to understand the brand and its process to produce olive oil. Apart from that, collect knowledge by reading the reviews of the store’s previous buyers, who purchased the product in the recent past. 

●    Explore The Product

There are many reputed producers of extra virgin olive oil in Italy. The best online store for Italian items will have multiple oil products from different brands. Before buying one of them, learn about the product. For example, De Cecco extra virgin olive oil is a popular product made from mixed olives from Italy and Spain. Explore the product before placing an order to make sure it suits your requirements.

●    Don’t Forget The Price

Do not fall for a seller offering Italian virgin oil at a low price. When it comes to extra virgin oil from Italy, the price tag shouldn’t be the first thing to notice. The oil is not cost-effective. If the oil is real, then it is expensive. However, you can get it from a reputed store offering it on sale.

●    Taste It

‘Trying the oil’ is the best way to make sure that you have made the right purchase. Apart from that, storing it in the correct way is also necessary. Keep it in a dark place, away from the stove. Also, do not keep the bottle open for a long time.

Now, you have the right information around pure olive oil from Italy. These are some tips to get the best Italian olive oil to use for preparing some authentic Italian dishes. If you are purchasing the extra virgin olive oil online, then make sure that it’s reputed Italian store that sells products manufactured in Italy by famous brands.