How to find best pg houses in kharadi

Kharadi is a area located on the banks of Mula-muta River to the eastern region of Pune. Today, many IT companies and business parks are located here. Many famous hospitals are also located here.  Besides, it is also a center of education as many schools are located here. So, people can enjoy many types of conveniences in this area and so they prefer to live in this area. This area is also known for the EON Free Zone and World Trade Center. So, many people are seeking for temporary homes here. Usually, the employees who are married or unmarried prefer to stay in this area because they can reach their workplace on time.For unmarried men, many single-room PGs are available. Some of them prefer to stay in shared rooms or flats together with their friends. Many rented homes are available for families also.

Families in Kharadi

Families can enjoy different types of conveniences as the children can go to schools nearby. Whenever, they are sick, they can visit any clinic that is located nearby. Usually, they can find pg in apartments. Many people seek for pg in kharadi. They can enjoy hassle-free stay as the region is surrounded by greenery. The unmarried men can live in PG rooms that can be shared by two people. They should pay only the monthly rent and the home owners do not demand any security deposit. Some rooms are larger and some rooms are smaller. The rent of the building depends upon the size of the room. Most of the rooms are attached to the balcony and most of them have attached bathrooms.

Accommodation charges for tenants

The tenants should pay some fixed amount of accommodation charges. They should also pay the food charges and electricity charges along with the monthly rent according to the usage. The home owners usually provide those meals thrice a day, during breakfast, lunch time and dinner.  The tenants need not pay any maintenance charges, but if any property is damaged, then they should pay the property amount.  The people can stay in the soothing rooms that comprise of cots along with soft mattresses.

In fully-furnished homes, people enjoy different types of amenities such as parking, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture etc. They can enjoy Wi-Fi facilities also and are provided with a parking zone. Even people living in semi-furnished homes can enjoy different types of facilities.

People can stay in well-furnished pg and luxury pg also. Some are meant exclusively for boys and unmarried men. Many youngsters are working in IT companies located in Kharadi and they hail from different parts of India. So, they seek for temporary homes initially. So, they live in single rooms or shared rooms. Some of them live in 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments also.  Most of them provide meals, but some of them do not provide meals.              Most of the homes can be occupied by single men or two men. The home owners provide cots that are cosy and comfortable. People can just enjoy living in the posh locality that is surrounded by greenery.

They also provide parking facility for the 2 wheelers.