How to Block Lost ATM Card in Bank of India

Hello Readers! ATM (Automatic Teller Mission) Cards are very essential and providing a great role in present Generation and we are using ATM cards in many ways like Online Shopping, DTH, E-bill etc., So, Having ATM Card is Compulsory and ATM Cards are of two types DEBIT and CREDIT cards. For most of the personal accounts we use DEBIT cards and for the business purpose, we use CREDIT cards. So, need is with any one of the cards and If you already have an account in Bank Of India and also have an ATM Card. But unfortunately, your card is stolen or lost then you don’t know how to block ATM Card in Bank Of India Bank then you landed in the right place where we are going to share your entire process to block ATM card and all you need to do is just follow the steps carefully.

What Happens if we don’t Block ATM Card?

As I said above How useful ATM Card is and moreover you can deposit or withdraw money without going to the bank everytime and unfortunately, you have ATM Card has lost or stolen then you’re in big trouble and I strongly recommend you to Block the ATM Card without delaying and the more you delay the more you lost because people may misuse that and thereby you can lose your money. So, as you feel your card has lost or stolen your ATM Card then be sure to block the card immediately.

How to Block Lost ATM Card in Bank Of India?

Yes! We are finally to the main part and hope you understand the pros of using ATM Cards and if you’re a user of Bank Of India Bank and lost your ATM Card and want to block your ATM Card then follow any one of these methods to make your ATM Card block permanently and many Private and Government banks provide many features to block the ATM Card. If you want to know more about the banks and the ATM Cards they provide then you can read it on Bank Life which is a complete short banking tutorial website.

Blocking ATM card using Customer Care Number.

Customer Care service is provided by any Private Banks or any Government banks since if you have any complaints, doubts, request regarding your accounts with their persons and if you lost or stolen your ATM Card then follow these simple steps to get your ATM Card Blocked.

  • Call to any respective numbers which are listed below.
  • 044-25260335, 044-25251185, 044-25222841, 044-25210338.
  • If these Phone doesn’t work then contact their nation customer care Toll-free Number 1800 425 00 000.
  • Then tell the exact reason of the lost and give your Bank Of India bank account number and account ID and date of the birth.
  • They ask whether to block temporarily or permanently, if you think you can get your card then ask them to block temporarily, otherwise block permanently.
  • After that, you can apply for the new ATM Card.

Blocking ATM card Contacting Through E-mail.

  • First of all note the following E-mail ID’s,
  • Next, write an E-mail by saying that how you lost ATM Card and the reason should be apt and it should not be of a silly thing.
  • Then they will contact you to send the account ID, Name of the Applicant and DOB.
  • Mail them by filling in the details.
  • They will block your ATM Card.
  • After that, you can apply for the new ATM Card.

Final Words.

Blocking ATM Card is Necessary when you feel you’ve lost or someone stole your Bank Of India ATM Card and follow the above methods and block your ATM Card. If you found this article interesting and workable please share this with your friends if anyone facing this issue and makes them educated and hopes your share makes someone to be out of this problem.