How Technology Shapes the Curriculum of a Certification for HR Professionals?

The advancement in the technological dimension has pushed the limits of what used to be ordinary. Unprecedented is the right definition. Come to think of it, what do you seek from technology? Fun, happiness, engagement, intelligence, or automation. But if all of these attributes are put together in as a single aspect, it won’t be an overstatement to call it- the personal experience.

What, then, is the exact definition, purpose, and outcome of it?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, personal experience is the

  1. a) Direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge
  2. b) Fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation.

But important considerations that influence positive technology have to be kept in mind like:

  • Instinct-driven technology rather than research or data
  • Emphasis on trends, not efficacy
  • No- clinical tests or trial to prove the benefits
  • Lack of expert advice on benefits

Concurrently, positive technology makes personal experiences psychologically rewarding and stimulating to the reward centers of the human brain. Technology should make human limitations of lesser and evolution faster. They must advance the modernity of times through the use of applied behavioral sciences.

With a deep penetration of products that are increasingly becoming commodities and niche, ATS systems and HR SaaS, products, tools, and systems are becoming common and HR professionals need to be equipped to handle it. One way to be sure of it is to check for HR professional certification.

hr professionals
hr professionals

Technology has to be developed stemming from the quality of experience and optimization of the design. Additionally, other factors to be thought of on priority are the adequate structuring, replacement, and augmentation of human-computer interaction and the dynamics of adaptive behavior and positive functioning. You don’t need to delve deeper for examples as Facebook stands as a glorified instance of positive technology.

There’s a lot happening on the HR front. The talks of 4-working days are in churning. The French right to disconnect from devices after office hours has already been implemented. In another first, Paradigm for Parity- a Rockefeller founder initiative is working to push 100 female leaders in the list of Fortune 500. Others HR professionals are discussing predictive analytics as to how people using Chrome and Mozilla are better employees as reported by an HR firm while researching stuff for Xerox. With no HR professional certification, you won’t be able to keep up with the latest in the talent management industry.

And professionals have to be ready with the right HR professional certification. Usually, the certification for HR professionals works as a differentiator when all other parameters like experience and educational qualifications are similar. It is only testified and established by insightful reports coming in from the best in the industry.

Apart from technology, there are other domains too. You might have heard about the Ergonomics Science and International Ergonomics Association which works for the improvement of employee performance by way of great workplace design. It’s becoming a big thing and is shaping the corporate rubrics. Talent management has come to involve human engineering which is about understanding human limitations and the countermeasures. A lot of new avenues has opened up in HR and it’s imperative to have one or the other certification for HR professionals in your portfolio.

There’s no denying the HR profession is booming and organizations are looking for individuals who have all the good traits in communication, emotional intelligence and quotient, and enough subject matter knowledge. And there’s no greater way to show your commitment than certification.