How Students with Low Grades Win Fully Funded Scholarships?

It has always been a bad perception among students that if their grades less than stellar then you won’t be able to win fully funded scholarships, which is not a correct news. There are number of examples where students with low GPA scores successfully won fully funded scholarships to study abroad. Having a low GPA will definitely not disqualify you to apply for various scholarships.

Most of the Universities and Scholarship awarding authorities select students based on point system where they evaluate if a student’s scholarship application is complete and well in order or not, a student is good in sports and extra-curricular activities or not and if a student has at least average GPA scores.

Here are the four essential steps for you to enhance your chances to win a fully funded scholarship this year:

1.Submit a well-documented Scholarship application:

It has been reported by various admission offices of international Universities that they instantly reject applications (even with good GPA scores) which lacks required documents or the order of the documents is incorrect. So, please make sure before submitting an application for scholarship that you have completed the checklist of all required documents and the documents are well in order as required by the scholarship awarding institution for consideration.

2. Draft a convincing and well-researched Study Plan

A study plan or research proposal is a mandatory requirement when an international student apply for a scholarship to study bachelor, master or doctoral degree program. It was reported by various admission officials from different universities that they reject applicants with higher grades just because their study plan is not convincing or well researched. There has been times when they select students with low GPA score just because their study plan is promising. So, if your grades are low then it is the time for you to work on your study plan to convince the admission and scholarship awarding officers.

3.  Extracurricular Activities Certificates

If you participated in extracurricular activities and have the certifications for that then make sure to attach their Xerox copies. An ideal candidate is not a student with high GPA grades but a student that demonstrates a unique blend of average grades with participations and interest in other extracurricular activities.

4.  Volunteer-ship certificates

In foreign universities, international students are highly motivated to participate as volunteers in different projects. That is why if you have a previous track record of your participations as a volunteer then it might be helpful. Make sure to attach volunteer-ship certificate with your scholarship application.

In case your grades are not good enough then still you hold a healthy chances to win a fully funded scholarship to study in an international university. Interviewers and selectors are always not only looking for the students with high grades but they also consider applicants with low scores if their scholarship application is well documented, contains a convincing study plan, participated in extracurricular activities and have volunteer-ship certifications. Also, attach certificates of your skill based programs (if any), to increase your chance to win a scholarship abroad.