How Holy Moly Cleaning Clothisgood?

We all know that using chemicals to clean can be dangerous to our health and our family. But we know that if we want to clean and decors our home, avoiding these products can be hard. Over the years we all have been conditioned to believe that we need cleaning chemicals to clean. Not true.

Holy Moly Concepts LLC a Florida based company has developed a cloth called Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth. This cloth works so well that it cleans any surface with water, Windows, Mirrors, Stainless steel, you name it.

JUST WET IT, WRING IT, AND WIPE IT, with water. Now you can wet the cloth with white vinegar which will help to kill most germs. The cloth is 16×15″ pure white and they can cost as low as $2.15 per cloth and can be washed over and over again the more you buy the more you save.

I recently bought your Holy Moly Cloths and I love them.

The cleaning directions says to wash in Hot Water. Can these be washed in the Washing Machine with detergent or should I just rinse the cloth in Hot water with no soap or detergent.

I wasn’t sure if the detergent would ruin whatever makes the cloths clean with no streaks!

Thank you for your email. Yes, you can wash HM Cloths in the machine. But if you hand wash, they will last longer. Any kind of soap will work, but remember never use fabric softener,and always air dry.

Micro-fiber or Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth. How you choose?

You choseHoly Moly Glass Cleaning Cloths and Microfiber are two towels used to clean smooth surfaces. But what are they? Are there any differences that make one a better choice than another in certain situations? Should you seek out Holy Moly Cloths or microfiber towels?

What Is Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth?

Holy Moly Cloths is a non-woven technology it is made with very fine fibers compressed. Its fibers are designed to pull dirt off of any smooth surface. It is almost always made entirely from polyester which makes the fiber 3 X’s stronger than cotton or woven technology, though occasionally nylon is used to supplement, The material. bonded together by mechanical or compression.

What is Microfiber?

Unlike Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth, which is made with synthetic material, Microfiber is created from synthetic material as well. Each fiber is tiny — less than half the width of a human hair and even smaller than silk fibers. Microfiber is woven technology which after washing the fibers break down and breaks off causing lint to cling to mirrors and glass. And wears out faster 3 to 1.For More all home decors products visit our site.