How does the value of a property gets affected

Whenever you look for housing type in which you can invest your money, your first priority perhaps will be to get the best deal. The value of a property is not the only thing that matters. You should also see what other facilities and amenities it offers, its condition and how does it promise to benefit you in the future. These are just a few factors that mostly affects the value of a property in the future.

Here you will know about the several other factors that affects the value of a housing property and this will also help the buyer and the seller both. In case you are buying a property or villa for rent in Dubai then make sure your property has all these factors and if you are selling a property then tick off these list of factors to make sure that you get a good rate.

  1. Consider the external condition of the property-Remember that the first impression is always the last impression and this is the reason why the appearance of your house matters. It indicates a lot of thingsabout your house. It tells you the age and what kind of use it has been subjected to and the maintenance that has been done to it. All these are known from theexternal appearance of the property. It is natural that a well maintained property will have a good value than a poorly maintained one.
  2. Growth of property value- This is a factor that affects the value of the residential property to a great extent. Your home apart from providing you  shelter, it is a great investment because when you are investing on something like a residential property, you don’t do it just for the sake of money value but you do so in order to get good returns in the future. So, always go for choosing a location that has a steady rate of growth as far as amenities and value of the land is concerned.
  3. Know the facilities- The property that you are going to purchase, its price will be affected by the facilities that it provides.You will definitely not go on to buy a house just because its cheap. You have to consider a lot of the things that will benefit you during your  stay. Some of these are its location which is the most important factor because the location of the residential property should be near to a supermarket, school, hospital etc. It just makes your stay and your every day life much more simple. And all these facilities that you get will eventually affect the value of the property. A particular property in a good location will be highly priced and will also be in more demand.

As much as these factors are important, keep in mind that the neighborhood is also a factor to ensure safety and that adds more value to the property. So, tick off these important factors from your list when purchasing a property.