Holographic Sight Vs Red Dot: Short Comparison

The AR 15 rifle tends to be one of the famous rifles to be used in the United States, and since it was launched, it has managed to create quite a fandom of its own. And as AR 15 rifles were started being adopted by the police, military, and even by the citizens for their personnel safety, a lot of people adopted a different set of optics with their AR 15. 

These optics that are used by the people lately came from Aimpoint and Eotech, and over time, they have managed to create enough popularity of their own that they have become the mainstay of rifles used by military and police departments.

These are the optics that we mainly know as the holographic sight and Red dot. Both of these optics were designed with reflexive sights to provide shooters with a profound experience while fighting in combat from a much lower range. However, the users of these optics tend to remain confusing to declare one of them as the best.

That is why a comprehensive comparison between both of these optics is being provided below which will surely help you out to decide which type of optic suits best with your preference.

Though the information provided tends to cover each and everything that you might want to know about holographic sight and red dot sight, however, if you still want to know more about both of these scopes, then feel free to visit holographic sight reviews

Holographic Sight

Though the majority of the holographic sights come in handy with a semi-square-shaped design, if you can get your hands on a rounder-styled holographic as well. What counts to be the best feature of these holographic sights is that while using them, the actual rectangular vision of this scope happens to disappear, which results in imposing the reticle onto your vision completely.

Due to this, a shooter would be able to receive an enhanced peripheral vision and would be able to get his bullet right on target. In addition to his, a holographic sight comes in handy with a laser transmitted hologram that happens to provide users with a solid reticle, and the use of the laser transmitted hologram offers users with an enhanced versatility of their scope. 

When used in close-range combat, the aimed accuracy you would be receiving in holographic sight would simply be incredible.

Hence, if you want your scope to be super versatile, then you need to go for holographic sight.

Red Dot Sight

If you are a professional shooter or someone who goes to the shooting field frequently, then you must have heard the terms red dot sight and reflex sight for sure. With that being said, Red dot sights come in handy with a variety of sizes and styles. 

In order to be precise, these Red dot sight tends to be much popular than the holographic sight, due to the simplicity and easy affordability it comes in handy with. What counts to be the best feature of red dot sight is that it can essentially be built much smaller than a holographic sight, and can be made it act as a backup sight for a main magnified scope. 

As these red dot sights tend to be enriched with simplicity, therefore they comprise extremely long battery lives.  In addition to this, the long-lasting durability you would be receiving in this red dot sight is hard to find in any model of holographic sight, hence while getting your hands on your red dot sight, you would be getting immense value for your money.

Hence, with that being said, If you want your scope to be simple to use and provides you with long-lasting durability, then red dot sight may suit best with your preference


While wrapping the comparison up, if you seek the preference of a military officer or someone who belongs to the police department, you would find these people preferring holographic sight over red dot sight. This is because the level of versatility a shooter receives in the holographic sight is difficult to find in the red dot sight.

Now the choice is really yours, if you want your scope to be super versatile, then go for holographic sight, However, if you want your scope to be simple to use and provides you with long-lasting durability, then red dot sight may suit best with your preference.