History and Origin of Raps in India

The history of rap starts in the early 70s in New York, considering that the genre is still present and indeed is currently expanding, its history is a continuous evolution of events that continues even to the present day.

Rap originated as part of a larger cultural movement called “hip hop” that originated in the United States of America in the late 1960s and became a prominent part of modern culture. Rap essentially consists of “speaking” following a certain rhythm; this vocal technique is performed by an MC (freestyler), while the DJ (turntablist, beatmaking, scratching) accompanies the MC. This culture was born in the African American and Latin American community of New York in the early seventies, as an American readjustment of the DJ style, a Jamaican reggae style considered the main precursor of this genre.

Typically rap consists of a sequence of very rhythmic verses, focused on techniques such as kissed rhymes, assonances and alliterations. Whoever articulates these verses, that is the rapper, does it on a succession of notes (“beats”) made through beatmaking, played by a DJ and provided by a producer or more instrumentalists. This “beat” is often created using a percussionistic sampling of another song, generally funk or soul. In addition, many other sounds are frequently sampled, played with a synthesizer or drum machine, or created with real instruments. Sometimes a rap song can be instrumental, and this is done for demonstration purposes by a DJ or producer. The themes of the texts vary according to the numerous subgenres.

Introduction of Rap in India

Although, the rap comes to India in 1990 when Baba Sehegal, the first Indian rapper who did the rap in Hindi language for the first time. When his album “Thanda Thanda Paani” got hits among the crowd, the Indian rapping culture started to grow. However, people used to love that type of raps but now the modern age and teenagers love to listen modern raps, in which they can connect to the rapper by heart. This is the time when people love to listen the songs of Divine, Raftar, Dino James, Emiway and other top 10 rappers in India. And there is a tough competition in the Indian Rapping culture to be the best rapper. Even Bollywood started to make movies on Indian raping culture. The movie “Gully boy” has broke the records already and the intellect of the rapping culture has been started to grow even further.

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