Having a Fancy License Plate Frame Could Get You Fined

A license plate identifies vehicles for official purposes. The plate features an alphanumeric or numeric code that differentiates one vehicle from the other. The codes are unique within the States or the entire country, depending on the country in consideration. These plates are also called registration tags.

Just like a driver is registered, vehicles must also be registered. This will make it easy for officials to track every car. The inscriptions on plates provide information about the vehicle and the owner.

It is expected that license plates are attached to both front and rear of vehicles. Motorcycles are exceptions in some states. Most often, they require only one license plate.

Many people love to decorate their rides and make them a decorative item. You can paint your vehicle as much as you want, but in the end, you have no option than to stick the plain boring license plate to it. It is illegal to paint your license plate no matter the state or country in which you reside.

License plates are properties of the state in which you registered your vehicle. You cannot alter it since you will be breaking the law. Altering it attracts fines that range from one state to the other. In Arizona, for instance, you will be fined not less than $300 for using the fancy plate.

License plate obstructions

It is vital that the police officer can read and identify your number plate quickly and easily even if you drive by. This means that your license plate frames must be clear. Many people are pulled over by the police for license plate obstruction.

This is a situation where your custom license plate frame covers some of the markings, making it difficult for the police to read. An obstructing frame is not the only reason why you can get pulled over for license plate obstruction. There are kinds of stuff such as sprays and covers that make it difficult for the cameras to read plates. These are also not allowed. You will be fined for such an offense.

Are custom plate frames completely illegal?

Many people wonder if custom license plate frames are legal or not. It depends on the kind of frame you are using and how it is placed on the vehicle. Be careful of what gets covered. Once your frame does not cover any number or part of the name of the state, you have no problem.

This means that you are not restricted to plain old standard license plates. You can opt for custom license plate frames. These are special plates that are issued at an extra cost. If you have a slogan, abbreviation, or phrase that you want on your plate frame, you can get it done at an additional cost. You can even promote your brand using your plate frame.

Even if you cannot paint or decorate your plate the way you want it, you can still make it unique and fun. Custom frames usually stand out since they are catchy. Do you have a phrase, slogan, or name you love so much, why don’t you put it on your number plate frame? MBR Marketing Inc can make it happen and they will make sure you are not breaking the law.