Amazing Google Easter eggs you didn’t know about!

Google is probably one of the world’s most visited platforms on the world wide web. It’s become an integral part of our lives and it’s kind of hard to imagine what life would be we you didn’t have Google. But apart from being a ridiculously helpful search engine, Google likes to keep things light as well, which is why it keeps rolling out various tributes, wishes, and symbols on its homepage, some hidden games inside like how you can play Breakout on Google search, and tonnes of Google Easter eggs.

These Easter eggs have been cleverly designed and placed in the software’s of Google by its genius engineers for users to find out on their enterprises in the wide sea of search results. And today we’re going to share with you a few of these cool Easter eggs that you can try yourself on your computer or phone now! Here you go –

  1. Tilt or Askew

Sometimes Google shows and actually represents the results of your searches. For example, when you type ‘Tilt’ or ‘Askew’, all the search results will be displayed tilted towards one side. They’ll be normal search results and will also function normally, but you will just see them horizontally inclined at an angle towards the left.

  1. Barrel Roll

Like we said above, sometimes Google does take your searches like literal orders, instead of just showing the results plainly. Another cool example of this is the barrel roll. A barrel roll is an airplane stunt truck in which the pilot maneuvers the plane and rotates it 360° towards one side and brings it back to position. And well, if you google “Do a barrel roll” and press the search button, you result for the same will be displayed, but first, the entire screen will do a barrel roll, i.e., rotate 360°.

  1. Search for anagram

An anagram is defined as a word or phrase that is made by arranging all the letters or words of another word or phrase in some other order. Funnily enough, when you google anagram, it displays search results normally, but it also practically displays how anagrams work, but saying ” Did you mean Nag a ram.” Nag a ram is Ana anagram of the word anagram, given all its letters are arranged in different order.

  1. Bacon number + (actor’s name)

According to a popular theory called “six degrees of separation”, each and every person or thing in this world is only six or fewer steps away from us, thanks to our modern world connections. Interestingly, the engineers at Google took the theory and made a playful game out of it, called “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”. So, what this game does is that it links every actor you search for with Kevin Bacon in six steps or lesser. Just type out “bacon number” plus name of whichever actor you want to, and then hit the search button, and Google will show you the actor’s degree of separation from Kevin Bacon in six connections or lesser.

So, these were four cool Easter eggs you can try out with Google and impress your friends next time you’re googling something with someone.