GMAT VS CAT- Which Is Better

CAT and GMAT are two very popular MBA entrance exams. Both of these two are the gateway pass to study in top management institutes. Then are the same? No these two are totally different. Students often get confused about which to choose for a better career. This article will be helpful in this case. Here are the total details about these two examinations for you.

CAT is an Indian entrance test. Hence, if you clear CAT you get chance to study in Indian Institutes of Management, best management institutes of India. On the other hand, GMAT is a global test. So, a GMAT success means a student can pursue their MBA dreams in top institutes of the whole world, including IIMs.

GMAT VS CAT- education and future

 As we have said before, CAT is for only Indian students while GMAT is a global test. Hence, in the case of GMAT vs CAT,  GMAT has a clear edge. GMAT is a great choice if you harbor a dream of studying abroad. With GMAT, you can complete your post-graduation course at an overseas university. GMAT is also applicable for Indian management institutes. IIMs and other top-grade business management colleges have reserved seats for GMAT candidates. Hence, if you have applied for GMAT, you do not need to apply for CAT separately.

CAT is popular among Indian students. IIMs organize CAT every year. If you can crack CAT, you can have your post-graduation in IIMs and other top management schools. But, it does not have a global scope like GMAT.

GMAT vs CAT- which one is difficult?

Now, take a careful look in both of the exam papers to create a comparison of GMAT vs CAT  in terms of difficulty level.  You will find that the CAT is a little bit more difficult than GMAT. The quantitative aptitude is easier than CAT. GMAT also has the integrated reasoning portion which is scoring. But GMAT is difficult in case of English vocabulary. Hence, if a student is weak in the English language he or she may not find it easy to crack GMAT. Now, in case of CAT, the LRDI section is very much difficult but the other portions pf questions are slightly easier than GMAT.

GMAT vs CAT- how difficult is the competition?

 Every year, nearly 60000 aspirants from different countries of the world appear in GMAT. So, the competition level is easier. But seats allocated to GMAT aspirants in India are very few. But there ar3 many seats of prestigious foreign colleges. So, GMAT is an easy choice for Overseas aspirants.

CAT is very much popular among Indian MBA aspirants. Every year lakhs of students seat for CAT. But, there are few seats( approximately 2500 in all 6 IIMs). So, the competition is tough here. An aspirant needs to score more than 90% in the entrance to get selected. If you want admission in colleges other than IIMs, you need to score more than 85%. So, often students cannot crack CAT even after serious preparation.

Let’s sum it up. Both entrance exams are unique in their own way. While GMAT is global, CAT is an Indian test. If you want to study in IIMs, then go for CAT. But if you want to go for overseas post-graduation, GMAT is the only option for you.