Get to know the advantages of VLSI

In the field of technology also one can go for a number of options to have the task completion easily. Very Large-scale Integration is the full form of VLSI which is the process of creation of an integrated circuit by the combination of thousands of transistors in a single chip. It began when there was a development of the complex semiconductors and communication technology. The microprocessor works as the VLSI device here.

Before this technology was introduced, the functionality of the integrated circuits was quite limited, but after the introduction of the technology, the range of functions of the integrated circuit is expanded. The VLSI physical design engineer plays an important role in the process. The technology is a successor to the small-scale integration technology (SSI), medium-scale integration (MSI) and Large-scale integration (LSI). Following are some of the advantages of VLSI:

  • Size of the circuits is reduced:

This is a great advantage because there is no necessity of having a lot of space to take advantage of the technology rather one can have it all summed up in a very small place. Reduced sizes also help to initiate the portability, and that is it is a very small thing to be managed as well as transfer from place to place. This has been the greatest advantage of the technique variancetv.

  • Cost of the circuits is reduced:

The cost of the whole circuit is reduced, and that is now reduced to chip. Thus, this is a cost-effective option to be preferred where one can take the fullest advantage of the technology.

  • The speed of the circuits is increased:

The speed is also boosted up with the implementation of the VLSI technology as compared to the electric circuit one. When the functionality is paced up, it saves time and thus, it is a greater advantage of the technology.

  • The power consumption is reduced:

These days power consumption is a very issue that requires to be taken care of. This technique has consumed very less amount of power, and thus this can also be considered as an energy-efficient process that is opted.

  • High reliability:

The functioning of the VLSI circuits is reliable. The designs have been drastically improved in this part where people can have faith in the functioning.

  • Occupies less area:

Consumption of area also matters. It is quite a tedious job to manage huge gadgets. The technology has been so advanced that it has been reduced to a chip which consumes very less space and this is the reason why the VLSI has been accepted to this extent. It has been successfully made the accessibility to the advanced technology much of an easier task.

So these are some of the advantages of the VLSI. The senior physical design engineer takes a greater responsibility to implement the technology. An electronic circuit has CPU, RAM, ROM, and all such things but VLSI puts that all in a single chip and this is the reason why this field has pacing growth.