Get the Media Files from Various Websites in Your Mobile or PC

The mobile application which is used to download the videos and other media files are used by millions of people around the world. This is the video downloading application that helps internet users to perform the video downloading action easily. It is a simple mobile application that can download videos with high-quality resolutions.

The Vidmate free download application helps the people to download and enjoy the media file during offline hours. This application is free of cost and helps the people to download as many files as they want without restriction. Even though the application is not available in the Google play store because of rules and regulations it is available in the separate website as the APK file.

Interesting application to get the media files

Vidmate free download application is available in its own official website. People can download this application from it and install the app on the mobile or PC. The application is not like the normal video downloading the application it also performs the conversion of the file formats from and to mp3, mp4, MOV, etc. While launching the application it takes the few minutes this is because of the big file size. This application is mobile friendly and PC friendly. This application can download the 10 to 20 files at a time without any download problem.

Important features of this video downloading application

  • Vidmate free download app is designed in such a way that their user interface is very much attractive and also easy to navigate.
  • The application helps to download the media files within a few minutes.
  • It also allows the user to choose the resolution and the format of the file they want to download.
  • This application is also available in the PC where the user can install it and search for the media files they want.
  • The downloading of the files can be started, stopped and halted by users.
  • Just click on the website that shows on the display of the UI so that it automatically opens the website and select the particular video or music from it.
  • If you have downloaded the particular format of the file then it is easy to convert it by using this application to the other formats like MP4, MOV and much more.
  • Advanced option in the mobile app helps the user to download more than ten files at a time.

Advantages of this mobile application

  • The application performs very quickly and also it downloads the media files without any cost.
  • The application can be used both as the mobile app and also as the software for PC.
  • It does not hang or interrupt during the middle of the downloading process.
  • It supports the thousands of websites and the user can download from it.
  • The mobile application provides the conversion of file formats which is useful for the user to use this file in any device.

Disadvantages of this video downloading application

  • The size of the file is very much large so that the people cannot download it easily.
  • The video that is downloaded cannot be edited using this app.
  • The application has a jailbreaking agreement that accesses each and every document of the mobile.