Get Bridge Money for your Big Purchases with an i2iFunding Personal Loan

Everyone has certain goals and dreams that they wish to achieve in their lifetime. Accomplishing these little milestones add more meaning and value to your life. Besides, they also become precious moments of celebration for you and your family. For example, it could be your dream to buy a fancy car or a house in a good neighborhood. Achieving these goals on your own can give you a confidence boost and inspire you to do better. At times, such dreams can come with an expensive price tag.

Financial planning is the first step towards achieving these goals. However, there are times when you could still be short, despite all your efforts and financial planning. Of course, you can avail an auto loan or a home loan to finance such expensive purchases. But you will still have to arrange for the down payment, which could be a sizeable amount. Moreover, other miscellaneous charges can add to your overall expenses. To fulfil this gap, you may consider the option of bridge money.

What is Bridge Money?

Bridge money is a short-term arrangement which allows you to meet your current financial obligations. A bridge loan can come handy in situations when you know your cash flow will improve in the next couple of weeks or months. It can come handy when you want to sell your house and invest a part of it into buying a new apartment. Bridge money can resolve this situation by giving you more time to find the right buyer for your house. Besides, it can also offer some much-needed peace of mind at such testing times.

How can you avail bridge money?

To fulfil your immediate and urgent cash needs, you can arrange for bridge money by applying for a personal loan online at i2iFunding. The application process is hassle-free and works even if you have a low credit score. i2iFunding utilizes an extremely popular and successful model of peer to peer funding. Also called as Peer to Peer Lending, this type of financing connects verified lenders with people seeking financial assistance. The personal loans offered on this P2P lending platform are easy, smooth and can support you in fulfilling your dreams.

What are the benefits of applying for a personal loan on i2iFunding?

  • Easy application process – It is simple and easy to apply for a Personal Loan Online on i2iFunding. The best part is that it available online and you can apply from the comfort of your home. You can register yourself on the platform by filling out your details and uploading a few documents. The team then verifies your eligibility which takes a couple of days. The entire process is so smooth that you can receive the loan amount in your bank account without stepping out or meeting any executive.
  • Low interest-rates – The interest rates offered on i2iFunding are affordable as compared to several other options. The interest rate on a personal loan at a bank can be expensive if you do not have a satisfactory credit score. This Peer to Peer Lending platform looks at several other aspects while evaluating a borrower’s profile. The interest rates are also thus, reasonable when compared to banks and other lenders.
  • Quick disbursal – Once you are found eligible for a personal loan, your request is made available to our large pool of investors. The loan amount gets credited within a few days of your application acceptance. That too, without any procedural delays. The loan disbursal is quick and hassle-free, making it the right option for your urgent needs. For instance, you have planned to buy a car with your bonus which is due in a couple of months. However, a car dealer is offering an irresistible offer on your selected model. Instead of letting the offer go, you can apply for a personal loan online on i2iFunding and arrange for the bridge money till you get your bonus.
  • No miscellaneous chargesPersonal loans at i2iFunding are transparent and do not carry any extra charges. There will be no surprises in the form of fees or additional costs once you have availed your loan from this Peer to Peer Lending platform.
  • No prepayment penalty – This is the best benefit if your need is only for a short term. Most banks would charge you a penalty if you were to prepay your loans. However, you are free to prepay and close your loan at i2iFunding anytime that you deem fit. It will save you from the burden of paying the interest rate and inflating your loan amount.

Final Word

Hopes and dreams are what make this life worth living. Now with easy personal loan available at i2iFunding, you don’t have to worry about arranging money to fulfill those lifelong goals.Particularly, when your need is only for the short term, and you know that the cash flow will improve in the next couple of months.