Get An Instant Loan Online with an Easy App

An instant loan facility such as personal loan is one of the most preferred solutions to raise funds during an emergency. The loan formalities, processing and approval time, and disbursement are quick and can help you cover your needs quickly.

The instant loan is offered to a borrower as per his creditworthiness, income, and repayment history. It is an unsecured loan for which you don’t need to put any collateral. If you can repay the loan without issues, you can get it without hassles. An instant loan facility like personal loan can let you borrow as high as up to Rs.25 lakh with a flexible tenor and many more useful features.

These days, you can also apply for an instant loan right from your smartphone via an online loan app. Lenders offer the online loan app facility so that a borrower can apply for a loan easily and enjoy many more enticing features. If you don’t have much idea about loan apps in India and how it can let you manage loan account, then you should go through this post once. Read on!

Easy loan App Features that can Help you Manage it Easily:

You can apply for loan- Do you need some funds to cover your urgent outlays? You can download the easy loan app on your mobile phone and apply for it quickly. If you are eligible, you can also get loan approval in five minutes and get money in your bank within 24 hours. You can also view the status/details of your active and earlier loan relations on the app. Even downloading loan statements for your reference is possible on a loan app.

You can pay loan EMIs online- Once you have availed the loan, you don’t need to worry about paying loan EMIs. All that you have to do is access your easy loan app and pay loan EMIs with some simple taps.

You can make prepayments and foreclose loans- Even making some prepayments towards the loan to bring down the loan principal is now possible. It can help you pay smaller EMIs via loan app. You can also foreclose active loan before its scheduled tenor easily on an online loan app.

You can check out pre-approved loan deals- Would you like to unveil some pre-approved loan offers especially created for you to help you avail a new loan without hassles and faster? You can even check out pre-approved loan offers on multiple financial products on an easy loan app.

You can raise requests- While you have an active loan relation with lender, you may have some issues and grievances. You can put them across to the lender by raising a complaint and checking its status on loan app. You can even see a detailed view of closed logs easily.

You can rate the app for receiving better services in future- You can also leave feedback based on your experience of using easy loan app by rating it. Your bank may take such feedback as cues to provide better services in the future.

Applying for an instant loan and managing it over an easy loan app is the way to fulfil your urgent needs and track everything right on your mobile phone.

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