Functionality and Why Screen Recording Go Hand in Hand?

Technology runs the world today, and this statement could not be any more valid today than it has been ever before. On the palm of our hands are devices which can process millions and billions of calculations every single second. These devices are useful in almost every single aspect of our lives, from work to home, their impact is profound.

Mobile phones come loaded with applications which make it easy for people to utilise and use in all facets of life. The most important purpose of a phone is that it makes life easy for the user. Apart from the utility factor of smartphones, there is the entertainment part. With the world slowly moving into the imagination age, you can clearly see a radical shift onto people enjoying content on a very fast basis.

From videos to images, our world is filled with tit-bits of these things. Often one of the easiest ways to send something funny or interesting is through a recording or a capture of the event. This can be through screen recorder or through video capture. The latter is quite common and can be easily shared; the former, however, can be hard to get especially if you are using an Android device where the screen record feature is not a pre-built entry.

There are many applications, made by third-party developers which can be used in almost any device. So you might be thinking what exactly a screen recorder is?

Well, to put it in simple terms, the screen records every activity that goes on as the user interacts with the phone. It could be a video playing on the screen, you swiping through an application or even a simple game playing. All and any activity that you undertake on a screen can be recorded.
You can even record with your front camera if the motive is to capture a reaction on a video or an image.

What Features Do Applications Offer?

Certain applications that come with features such as screenshot allow you to trim videos and come with a floating button. The latter is quite a valuable addition, and a lot of applications do not feature it. A floating button simply allows you to screen record from anywhere and pause it even when you are recording.

Why Screen Recording?

Apart from the obvious fun aspect of things, you can also see record tutorials and walkthrough for games, using other applications and troubleshooting issues on the smartphone. With a simple application to record, trim and store, there is limitless flexibility. You can also record in both portrait mode and landscape mode, which helps you make different kinds of videos.

Other important feature includes being able to change the bit rate and frame rate of recording, this allows you to tinker between the kinds of recording you want to take and help create a smooth and enhanced experience for the end users. You can also change the type of resolution your video records in, which will help you curb rising internet charges.

Another big advantage of using a good third-party application is that it allows you to record audio, mainly the audio which is playing through the phone. This makes your videos more enlivening, and your audiences will enjoy it a lot more.

But perhaps the most important feature is that you can simultaneously record both your reactions and video through the front-facing camera as well as the activities on the screen through the application. Having a screen recorder application on your phone is considered essential, and there is no reason your phone should not have an application on it.