Five Useful Benefits Of Using Industrial Floor Coatings

Floors are something people don’t pay attention to unless they are in a bad condition. But investing inindustrial floor coatings is perhaps the wisest thing you can do since it ensures the safety and productivity of your employees besides protecting the condition of your physical assets.

The first thing you should opt for to protect your floors is covering them with industrial floor coatings since it acts as a sealant on solid floors. It can be used everywhere, beginning from garages to warehouses to automobile industries, pharmaceutical buildings, chemical laboratories, beverage plants etc. When applied over concrete floors, you get a highly smooth, glossy and durable surface that can withstand heavy loads without breaking down. Industrial floor coatings are a safe alternative to other types of concrete floor coverings like vinyl.

Below Are Enlisted 5 Benefits Of Using Industrial Floor Coatings To Protect Your Concrete Floors.

  • Aesthetic– These coatings are available in several colors to suit your needs and requirements. Also, if you give a high gloss touch to your floor coating, the luster of the coating increases dramatically thus enhancing reflective lighting, which in turn can optimize the productivity of your employees. There are several categories of industrial epoxy floor coatings like mortar epoxy coating, self-levelling epoxy coating, graveled epoxy coating, self-dispersing epoxy coating, epoxy antistatic and terrazzo coatings etc.
  • Durability– Especially known for being durable, solid floors having protectiveindustrial floor coatings over them have longer longevity and saves your money after floor replacements and repairs. But these concrete floors are to be properly maintained and sealed. Besides, industrial floor coatings offer anti-fatigue benefits and without using glue or mortar can be rolled out on the cement.
  • Strength – Since, industrial floor coatings are durable, floors having been covered by these are resistant to wear and tear from chemical pollutant or heavy machinery that might have led to chemical breakdown of the coating resulting in degradation of the quality and cracks on the floor. Not only that, industrial floor coatings are resilient towards everything- gasoline, oil, cleansers, transmission fluid, solvents, sealants, chemicals, oil stains and water too. This justifies their extensive use in garages and industries. These can withstand germs and bacteria without affecting the floor in any way. This is another reason why they are used in clinics and hospitals.
  • Protective– Besides being durable and chemically resistant, these coatings shield the underlying concrete floor from various natural and human factors such as stains, moisture, cracks and grease. Hence in the long run, it saves your money on repeated floor maintenance costs by wiping out the need to clean the floor frequently. Industrial floor coatings are also quite affordable.
  • Easy maintenance– Industrial floor coatingsare as easy to be cleaned, as they are to be installed. Neither have they required any layout, nor additional adhesives nor special equipment and tools. Once they are cleaned, it creates a smooth surface devoid of cracks.

Industrial floor coatings are worthy of your investment as they not only guarantee a polished, glossy and seamless surface for years but also a safe work environment for your employees. These coatings have been designed keeping all safety requirements in minds because they are mostly used in industries. They are not only resistant to fire, but also slip-resistant, thus ensuring safety for your employees by preventing the occurrence of accidents and allowing your business to be continued stress-free. The cost of installing industrial floor coating is somewhere between USD 4 to $USD 40 per square foot. Factors like the quality of material used, quantity, thickness of the coating, labor needed, shape of the existing floor affect your installation cost.