Few Tips for Clearing the Theory Test to Get Your Driving Licence

If you are new to driving, then the first thing you must do to obtain licence will be to clear the theory test. In order to get permission for this theory test, you need to undergo 6-months training, that starts with your theory exam.

Theory test is a series of multiple-choice questions that is designed to quiz your knowledge about the road rules and the right driving style. Following are few helpful tips to pass the theory test online.

  • Prepare

You must book your test in advance if you are in a waiting list. After that, purchase book, theory test DVD or any online resources available on the internet from the theory test website.

  • Practice

Practice will always make you perfect which is also true in case of passing theory test. All the test materials are easily accessible and quite straight-forward and this will allow you to practice your exam repeatedly.

You will get all of the combinations of questions and their answers too, so it is just a matter of learning. More you will practice easier it will be to remember the answer.

  • Give yourself sufficient time

You should not leave it for the last day or a week before the actual test to study for the theory test, rather use your time that you have for preparation so that you are confident in taking the test.

Besides, on that day of the test, try to arrive minimum 15 minutes earlier to prevent any stress. You should have allocated enough time to familiarise with how the actual test works and use short tutorial to help you.

  • Bring your documents

Bring your ID proof along with you which can be your passport, national identity card etc. Also, you must bring 2 identical colour passport size photographs.

  • Relax

It is very important that you must do your test feeling totally relaxed. There will be 40 questions in your test for motorcycle and car licences and you will get 45 minutes for answering it. You need to answer 35 out of the 40 questions correctly.

Those applying for truck and bus driving test are asked 100 questions and 74 of them must be correct. There will be 100 minutes for completing this test. The time provided is enough to comfortably finish the test on time.

If you can clear the test then the next step is to apply for provisional licence by submitting necessary form and also producing the pass certificate.