Experts’ Global-the most reliable choice for GMAT prep online

In order to secure a set at your business school of choice, you will mostlikely need an impressive GMAT score. With just a little effort, you will be able to find any number of services that will promise to help you achieve said score. Of course, not every service is equal. GMAT preparations are a great investment of time and energy, so you will most certainly need a reliable prep course. If you are currently looking for one, then you must take a look at Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Preparation Program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded in 2008 by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Since then, ithas built a reputation for itself, as the most reliable name in GMAT preparation. Let us take a look at some of the features of their fine program:

Detailed Instructional Videos

These videos are the backbone of the instruction Experts’ Global’s gives its students. Experts’ Global has produced over 100, highly effective, concept videos that cover the entirety of the GMAT syllabus, very methodically. All of the question included in Experts’ Global’s mock test series have highly detailed explanation videos that help the students understand and learn from their mistakes, even developing more time-efficient solutions.

Accuracy to the GMAT

One of the most important strengths of Experts’ Global Online GMAT Preparation is its representation of the real GMAT. The program’s four thousand + practice questions (including mock test questions) have all been designed to be as close to the real GMAT questions, as possible. This accuracyextends to the scope of concepts covered, complexity of the questions, overall difficulty level, etc. Most importantly, the scoring system that Experts’ Global’s employs is well-synced with GMAC’s scoring algorithm. As a result, Experts’ Global’s students have consistently found their scores on the firm’s mock tests to be very close to their scores on the official mock tests, and later their final GMAT scores, as well. Experts’ Global is quite far ahead of other prep companies, in this regard.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s online training program also includes fifteen full-length practice tests, you can also take up a free GMAT mock test on their website. Fifteen tests are more than twice the standard number of tests that you will find in the average GMAT mock test series. Experts’ Global has made sure to include a good number of mock tests, because one of the central tenets of their GMAT preparation strategy is giving frequent full-length mock tests, to develop endurance and exam strategy. Obviously, having a higher number of mock tests will make this easier. As mentioned above, these tests are highly accurate to the GMAT, in both content and scoring. This ensures that Experts’ Global’s students have a clear idea of their GMAT proficiency, throughout their preparation.

Performance Analysis

Experts’ Global has provided an excellent performance analysis software, along with their practice material. This software breaks down the student’s performance, after each mock, detailing which areas the student was strongest and weakest in. It also tells the student the average amount of time they took for each question. It also analyzes their performance over the course of several of the most recent tests, to provide a more far-reaching breakdown. Experts’ Global’s students have often mentioned how convenient it is to have an automated analysis system, rather than having to rely on manual analysis.

Additional Features

Experts’ Global has also developed a number of extra features, for this program, which are rather unique. One, particularly useful, feature is the “flag button”. This feature lets you mark the questions that you think are especially important and file themaway for later reference. This is much more convenient than having to look through whole exercises and tests, just to find one question.

This feature makes it much easier to revise concepts, in more detail. Another very useful feature is the “sticky”. The“stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens that you can use to take notes and then pin to your “wall”. Having all of your revision notes in one easy to access place will really streamline the studying and revision process.

Thesefeatures are not major ones but they do show just how much though Experts’ Global as put into improving the GMAT preparation process. Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is incredibly systematic, its difficulty progress is very well-paced. The program’s instructional material is fantastic, incredibly in-depth but never cumbersome or tedious. If you closely follow this program, you are sure to see a marked improvement in your GMAT performance.