Epoxy Floor Coating: Benefits

One of the toughest and sturdiest finishes that you simply will apply to a garage floor nowadays is an epoxy coating. Not solely will it shield your garage floor, but also instantly rework your boring or ugly cement into commercial looking floor of beauty and performance.

And since the garage is fast becoming more than just a place where you park the car, the benefits of best paint for garage floor have quickly made it one of the highest selections for garage flooring nowadays.

Used for each residential and business application, epoxy will give your garage or shop floor that showroom shine. Depending upon which application you choose, Cavco Products lets you select from a variety of understated solid colours and hues to custom colours and blends of colour flakes that match your vogue or perhaps your favourite sports team.

Benefits of a Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

The hardened and thick application that you get from epoxy creates a coating that is very durable and resilient to impacts, chipping, chemicals, stains, and surface abrasion.

The thicker coating additionally will an excellent job of covering over minor imperfections like little spider cracks and flaws within the concrete. Because epoxy could be a topical sealer, it is also anti-dusting.

Much of the dirt during a garage is made from the powder that a cement floor will shed. Normal traffic on bare concrete can kick up this dusty powder that has a tendency of collecting on cars, tool benches, and storage items, as well as being tracked into the house.

As a topical coating, it’s naturally wetness resistant. This is a great benefit for people who live in snowy climates. It makes for easy cleaning of icy brines and road salts that can collect on the floor during the winter. Just a little mild soap and water is all it takes. Dust and debris can be collected with a dust mop or soft broom when the floor is dry.

Depending on whether you added coloured acrylic flakes to the floor and the type of topcoat used, some surfaces can be slippery when wet. For people who live in drier climates, this usually isn’t an issue. If you want some extra grip however, you can add slip resistant aggregate to the final coat that will create a non-skid surface.

Epoxy coatings receive high reviews from the house mechanics and hobbyists additionally. Since it is chemical and stain resistant, oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, gasoline, and other caustic car chemicals can easily be wiped up without worry – even if it sits for a while. Rolling tool boxes, jacks, and jack stands won’t harm the ground either.

Whether you are turning your garage into a showpiece for storage and cars or just want something to protect your garage for years to come, a good system such as this will last years and give you one of the best returns for the money. Cavco is the perfect choice for best paint for garage floor, concrete floor coatings, non-slip floor coating, fire sealants, or any of other premium quality products.