Eco Firewood and Its Significance in the Modern Lifestyle

Wood is keeping us warm & alive since the start of human civilization when it was the only source of light, heat, hunting & cooking. Time gradually changed with the advancements of human being and now we are living in the concrete forests. In a big city, you can see greenery only in the public parks or small gardens of some people. The scarcity of trees is the main reason why quality firewood has become too expensive as well as rare. You can easily avail a gas cylinder, room heating system or artificial fireplace but not original that require woods for burning. Almost everything is replaceable with its alternatives. In this case, eco firewood is a great alternative to replace the actual firewood. It is also a form of wood but manufactured scientifically. This article has some useful information that you must read before searching for a seller of firewood.

What is eco firewood?

As the name is illustrating, this is ecologically compatible firewood which helps in reducing the rate of deforestation. While processing a hardwood for the manufacturing of furniture or buildings, a not of residue remain behind in the form of small pieces and sawdust. Small pieces can burn efficiently but the sawdust takes a lot of time & also release smoke more than flame. However, modern technology has made it possible to make use of this sawdust in a better way. There are high compression machines capable of solidifying the dust into a proper shape similarly looks like a wooden log. Apart from the sawdust, other biodegradable residue substances such as rice straw and hay left from the wheat crop. Such kinds of substances are abundantly available, only the optimum utilization is necessary to make use of it. Here are some reasons signifying why eco firewood is a great source of heat as per the current times.

Reasons to prefer eco rather than hard firewood

Reduce the deforestation

Deforestation is a global issue and need for firewood is one of the major reasons for trees cutting. Rather than preferring hardwood logs, it is advisable to go with the option of eco firewood. It is made up of residue material but capable enough to produce a good quality flame.

Proper management of crops residue

Farmers can make a good income from this waste material and prevent the environment from pollution. Generally, most of the people burn the crop residue after harvesting which is a big environmental threat. By setting up a unit of eco logs formation, they can become the direct seller of firewood alternative as well as prevent the environment too.

Good quality flame

The eco-friendly logs of firewood produce the same quality of flame that you expect in hardwood. After its adequate compression, the particles closely packed together that produces a long-lasting flame. Just like a log of normal firewood, you can burn it for heat or cooking.

Suitable for all environments

Whether you are going outside somewhere for camping or want a cozy environment inside the house, it can beneficiate you in both ways. There is no need to worry about the seasoning because moisture is already extracted during the compression process.


There is no need to find a special firewood supplier if you want the logs of eco firewood. Many online portals are currently selling it just like a random household product. Just place your order, wait for a few days and get the delivery right at your doorsteps.

Currently, this kind of firewood is available in distinctive shapes & sizes. For instance, you can buy pellets to initiate the fire and then use large bricks to maintain the consistency in flame for a long time.