Drones – A Boon in precision agriculture!

Our cameras can capture pictures of places which are within our reach. Even though some impeccable pictures can be taken with cameras — but they are immobile as a device, on their own. Thus, taking aerial shots with normal cameras are not possible until you are actually on an aeroplane or a helicopter. This is where drones come into play. Drones are like a mini aircraft that are controlled by a person on the ground, for taking shots from high above.

Traditionally drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, were used for extremely specific purposes. Now the range of usage has expanded a lot. Many companies across different sectors are dependent on drones for carrying out their work efficiently. There are a few well-known distributors in Australia who have drones like DJI inspire 1, DJI inspire 2 and DJI matrice 600. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is one such distributor. They are one of the largest distributors of DJI’s and drones in Australia. They guarantee to provide high quality products with latest technology.

Ways to use drones in precision agriculture

Traditionally drones were only used by the people in military for protecting their nation against the enemies. However, now they are used by insurance, construction and film industry to get aerial shots of places. Nowadays there are also many agricultural drones. These drones are expected to increase agricultural output by a huge extent. Here are a few ways in which these drones are used in precision agriculture:

  • Monitoring: Drones have the ability of time-series animation and time-lapse photography. These features allow farmers in managing cropping conditions on a timely basis. This further helps in highlighting the inadequacies that might be present in the production process. It also shows the precise development of crops. This allows the farmers to identify extent of lands that are not being properly irrigated, or are being attacked by pests – all of which cannot be done via ground check.
  • Mapping: Drones can be used by farmers for field and soil analysis. They can produce 3D maps with precision and accuracy. This, in turn, can be used to examine the soil erosion and moisture content. Recent drones come with flight planning software. This software allows farmers to pinpoint the exact location which he wants to analyse closely. This makes the work all the more easier and efficient. This software then produces an automated flight path which captures images with the help of built-in cameras and on-board sensors. It also makes the use of GPS Tracking Device to determine in which area the shot has to be taken.
  • Spraying: Some special drones also come with the capability of spraying crops. They can do it with more accuracy and speed than a tractor. This technique is also proven to be more efficient than the traditional methods. This technique reduces the cost of hiring labourers for doing this job. It also reduces the possible exposure to the harmful pesticides that can cause serious health issues. Drones come with the capability of adjusting altitude. This allows them to spray the precise amount of fertilizer each time. This ensures efficiency in the development of the crops.

These are the few uses of drones in precision agriculture. All these extremely crucial uses are hard to ignore. Drones can boost the productivity and agricultural output of the crops. This, in turn, can boost the income of the farmers to a great extent. Following the traditional methods can be costly and time consuming. It may not also ensure excellent output too. With advancement of technology, it is better to stay updated to thrive in today’s highly competitive market. Making one time investment in drones will reduce cost of crop production in the long run.