CyberGhost vs PureVPN: Who Comes Out on Top?

We’re sure that you know that when it comes to selection, there is no shortage of reputable VPN providers that you can use. Two of the biggest names right now are that of CyberGhost and PureVPN but which of the two offers the best overall package?

Well, they are both very good virtual private networks that are used by millions around the world but we’re going to put them side by side before letting you know which of them comes out on top in our humble opinion.

Price& Trial

We said that it was a close fight between these two and this is clear just from the first category that we are comparing them. There is literally just a single dollar in it in terms of their monthly price with CyberGhost coming in at $12.99 and PureVPN at $10.95.

What we do like about CyberGhost here though is that they offer a free trial for 45-days compared to the 31 of PureVPN.


Again, when it comes to features there really isn’t much between these two. They can all run on a plethora of operating systems and have features such as ad-blocking, malware scanning, and browser extensions.

The only real difference we could see was that CyberGhost allows you to use their VPN using up to 7 simultaneous connections. This is compared to the 5 on PureVPN which in itself is not a bad number at all.

What They Can Unblock

One of the biggest reasons to use any VPN is to unblock any geo-restrictions put in place by providers such as Netflix, the BBC iPlayer, and Sky. If you’re the type of person that likes to watch content in other regions, this is one category that is going to interest you.

Both PureVPN and Cyber Ghost can easily get around most blocks but the former cannot unlock ABC or the BBC iPlayer. That means that CyberGhost just about edges it once again.

Servers & Countries

PureVPN actually outdoes CyberGhost with regards to the number of countries that you can connect from. They win out 141 compared to 60 but just how important that is will come down to personal preference. Cyberghost does have the most servers though at 3,000 to 2,100.

We think that quality is better than quality here as many of you will not need to connect from 141 countries. As long as you can connect to the countries that you need, the rest is going to be pretty useless.


We would have no trouble recommending either of these two excellent VPN providers but if we really had to choose between the two, CyberGhost would be the one for us. That said, PureVPN for some of you might just perform a little better or suit your circumstances more efficiently.

Of course, with so many other VPNs to choose from, you don’t have to stop your search here. There are plenty of other options that also provide free trials for you to check out.