Customer Acquisition: How to Make People Reach You?

With the advance of the internet, attracting customers has become a more sophisticated process. Bombarding people with advertisements is no longer the most efficient way to attract new consumers.

Now, getting the customer to reach the product on their own is at the top of their priorities.

But how to do that?

In the midst of these innovations to attract customers is inbound marketing. Find out now what it means and how to explore this technique for customer acquisition!

What is inbound marketing?

In traditional marketing, the goal is to attract customers with the massive use of advertising campaigns. It is a technique that aims to “push” products to the customer, without any segmentation and without trying to understand the needs of the public.

As expected, this method is no longer as effective, since most people have a strong critical sense of something imposed on them. In addition, this technique also generates a high cost for the entrepreneur.

In the midst of these changes, inbound marketing emerges as an alternative, offering entrepreneurs a new way of attracting customers.

If, in traditional marketing, it is the company that seeks the customer, in inbound marketing, the process is reversed: the customer is the one looking for the products.

How does it happen?

With the production of relevant content, personalized for the persona, it is possible to create engagement and loyalty. Thus, attracting customers becomes much easier with the use of non-invasive techniques, closer to people and that appeal to attraction and not to the sale of a product right from the start.

However, you need to be careful when designing your strategy.

Digital marketing experts indicate that 80% of a company’s content should focus on the top of the funnel, which is about capturing and convincing. And only 20% of the content produced should focus on conversion and enchantment, as they are materials that presuppose the knowledge of your product.

Attracting customers with inbound marketing, in addition to working, provides many advantages for the entrepreneur. Among them are the economy, the most segmented and assertive communication, the greatest customer loyalty and the great reach of the brand.

From now on, we will show you some techniques that you can apply.

Strategies to attract customers

Here we have separated the best inbound marketing strategies to attract leads and turn them into customers, in an easy and non-invasive way.

1. Know your persona well

The first step in starting to apply customer acquisition techniques is to analyze your persona well. Defining the characteristics of your ideal consumer is essential to produce personalized content that meets the needs of this audience.

To get to know your persona well, try to analyze how he behaves, what his anxieties and pains are, using web analytics tools and a lot of research.

From there, it’s time to think of solutions to help solve the problems of this potential consumer. If your brand is able to offer tailor-made solutions, it will achieve great success not only in attracting potential customers, but mainly in sales.

2. Offer quality content

Having a space for advertising and selling products is important, but it is essential to have a channel for the dissemination of relevant content, and creating a blog is a great way to achieve this.

Entrepreneurs who only focus on showing their product and their brand achieve less impact than those who focus on quality content and that adds value to their customers’ routine.

People are running away from companies that make advertising a way to generate spam.  They are increasingly looking for brands that are interested in listening to their needs, offering solutions and always being present, non-invasively, in their lives.

The blog is one of the best spaces for producing quality content. He represents the company and transmitsauthority to the readers.

Keeping the blog always up to date, with quality articles, well written and that in fact offer solutions to customers is an excellent inbound marketing technique.

3. Send non-invasive emails

The process of attracting customers must be continuous. Even customers who have already made a purchase should always be in the entrepreneur’s sights.

One way to keep in touch with the customer is by sendingemails. E-mail marketing, when done correctly, enables customer loyalty, increasing the chances of return.

Care must be in the format of email marketing. It is here that many entrepreneurs slip up and end up having negative results.

Nobody likes to receive emails that are not related to their interests and that were not requested. So, there is no point in flooding customers with e-mails full of advertising, which only concern themselves with selling the company’s fish.

The basic tip is that, in these shipments, the customer can have access to quality content, with relevant and personalized information for their profile.

4. Give tips on YouTube

For anyone who asks how to attract customers, YouTube appears as a good tool. This video distribution platform has become essential for business because it allows reaching an unlimited number of customers, in addition to being the second most used search engine in the world, behind only Google.

Videos with tips represent the essence of attraction marketing: the focus is not on selling a product, but on showing the customer that there are solutions to their pains and problems. Thus, he identifies himself with the content and, from that, goes after the brand.

It is much easier to sell to a customer who already knows what he wants to buy and where to buy.

5. Interact on social networks

That social networks are incredible tools to boost sales, no one doubts. But many people explore these spaces incorrectly.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should act as a link between customers and the brand.

Advertising the product within these channels is allowed, but not in excess. The focus should be on communicating the company with customers, asking questions, problems and pains, and providing practical solutions.

But be careful, as social networks cannot become an FAQ, only with questions and answers.

Because these are spaces for relaxation, users want to find more style and personality in their posts. To make the most of these channels, it is essential to produce relevant content, but at the same time, be more informal, if this is consistent with the profile of your persona.

Among the various advantages offered by social networks is the possibility to read comments, send messages and share content instantly with fans and followers.

6. Create rich materials

Still in the line of production of relevant content, it is important that your brand is not limited to traditional formats, such as texts and videos. Creating ebooks and infographics can put your business in a prominent position, by creating authority over a given subject.

A good tip is to offer these rich materials to customers free of charge, by performing some simple action, such as filling out a form. That way, everyone wins.

An ebook makes it possible to transmit in-depth content on a given subject. It delivers a set of relevant information to customers, which can even be consumed on mobile devices (in digital format).

Infographics, in turn, appeal to the visual, instantly awakening the customer’s attention. With the use of colors, images and graphics, the information is transmitted much more lightly than in conventional articles.

7. Offer promotions

Remember, to sell well, you don’t always need to use sales language. Invasive campaigns and strategies do not work so much on the internet because, now, the consumer has more options of suppliers for the same service.

A strategy for attracting customers that works is to offer promotions and innovations whenever possible. If your brand is able to be always present, in a friendly way, in the lives of customers, they will end up purchasing your products freely.

Promotions generate great engagement with the brand, being one of the best ways to win new customers, in addition to retaining existing ones.

But don’t do more of it! Always try to innovate and offer something really interesting to customers.

Watch out for engagement baits like, for example, tag three friends here and get 10% off, as this type of content can be penalized.

Invest time to promote an action that initiates a real dialogue and encourages the engagement of your potential buyers.

Time to put the tips into practice

These are the main inbound marketing strategies for attracting customers.

With the use of these techniques and tools, it is possible to attract more customers and, eventually, sell more, spending less.

Here, we present some simple strategies, but they work completely differently from traditional marketing, as they give more autonomy to the client. Starting with these 7 tips, it will be easier for you to later apply other complementary techniques to attract even more people to your business.