Create Elegant & Affordable Designs with PVC Boards

There is something attractive about PVC boards; any texture and design can be printed or routed/engraved on them and it allows you to convert an ordinary room into an elegant and awe-inspiring room. Whether it is a home, café, restaurant, office or nightclub, PVC boards can be used everywhere. You can create stunning decor without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are some elegant, chic and trendy designs that you can create with PVC boards.

Natural Wood-like Print

Wood has an elegant and rustic appeal but it can be costly to install. So, if you are looking to create the fascinating look of wood, you should opt for printing these wooden textures on PVC boards. You can install it along the walls to give a sophisticated, warm and inviting feel to the room without having worry for moisture or termites

Floral Motifs

You can get sheets with summery floral motifs that are printed digitally on the PVCboards. It is possible to customize the colors of the flowers based on the color scheme of the room. It evokes a light and soothing feeling. Not only this, you can get the favorite cartoon character printed on PVC Boards to decorate your kid’s room.

 CNC Jaali Frame

Using CNC machining, it is possible to convert PVC  boards into an eye-catching jaali frame that you can use as a separator. This frame can easily be installed in the bedroom to separate the rest of the room from the dressing area, or you can use the frame to create a partition in the living room to make a cozy nook where you can spend some me-time.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are perfect for minimalistic décor as you can easily create a focal point in a stark room without a lot of effort. The patterns can be printed digitally on the PVC boards so that they stand out and if you like, you can also go for a 3D effect.

Embossed Surface

You can emboss the surface of a PVC board and install it in the living room, study or office and make the space look unique. It is a great way to personalize space as you can use it to showcase your taste and personality.

Tile-Like Surface

If you feel that installing tiles is passé but you still want to recreate the effect that tiles offer, you can do it by digitally printing on PVC boards. You can create just about any type of tile-like effect on the boards and install them in your living room, bathroom, patio, home office or traditional office.

Marble Effect

You can now opt for the luxurious marble-look and feel for a fraction of the cost by getting the same effect printed on PVC boards. The best part is that people will not be able to tell that it is PVC and not real marble.

Solid Color

In case you want to create an accent wall, a solid color is perfect for it. You can match the color to the rest of the décor or get a contrasting color. Such a wall will not need any other decorative element as it will stand out on its own. You can either paint or print the PVC board with your choice of solid color

In Conclusion

These are some of the modern and elegant designs that can be created with PVC boards. You will find that it is easy to install and affordable to buy. PVC boards offer a great way to customize and personalize your home. Whether its your kitchen cabinet shutters or your wardrobe shutters or your false ceilings or your kid’s room, only imagination is your limit while using PVC boards.