Continuous Learning By Training Specialist Can Help Advance Your Career

Education is one essential that plays a vital role in daily life. It paves the way for every student to realise their full potential. On these websites, you can explore the importance of education in life and the significance of modern education in all aspects. These websites are for those who want to continue learning and developing their careers more quickly.

Visit the website at for a training center in Australia that teaches best practices of communication to all students. Fortress Learning is a private registered training organisation or RTO. Their websites make you register and access the general public. For corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and trainers in the VET sector, they provide certifications and training solutions.

What program do they offer?

Fortress Learning is a design of courses that fits your needs. The programs are best for those who are flexible with low-cost training, such as:

  • Certificate IV

For vocational courses in secondary schools and TAFEs, this certificate IV covers nationally accredited training and assessments. Find out more here about their program:

  • AE40116 Certificate IV for Training & Assessment – Standard
    • TAE40116 Certificate IV for Training & Assessment – Lite
    • TAE40116 Certificate IV for Training & Assessment – RPL and CT
    • TAE40116 Certificate IV for Training & Assessment – Zoom Block 1

Fortress Learning has complete programs that can finish Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. These four programs of TAE have different options offered;

  • Standard Online Program

A full range of coursework support trainers is available via email, phone, and email.

  • RPL and Credit Transfer Program

The same support resources with the Standard Online Program and RPL Recognition of Prior Learning & CT Credit Transfer will take you into account and customise a program.

  • Lite Program

The Lite Program consists of coursework and email support only. The low-fee option works independently in the program and doesn’t need significant help from trainers.

  • Zoom Program

A face-to-face and online program that delivers all in one.


TAE Diploma programs are available for these two, such as:

  • The single TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
    • The dual TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design Development

Skill Units

The following TAE are training packages of units that are available from standard single units:

  • TAESS502 The Design & Develop Assessment Tools
    • TAELLN411 The Address Adult Language, Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Single Sets

Fortress Learning has a set of combinations of Units of Competency from the Training Package. If trainee will not complete the qualification required, they get formal recognition by completing a Skill Set from the nationally endorsed Training Package.  Certificate IV and TAE Skill Sets applied to the full TAE40116 Certificate of Training & Assessment.

  • Deliver E-Learning Skill Set
    • Address Foundation Skills Vocational Practice of Skill Set
    • Enterprises Trainer on Presenting Skill Set
    • Assessor Skill Set