Common Questions People Answer Wrongly on Their Driving Theory Test

There are two different tests that one needs to pass, in order to get a driver’s license. It is important to pass both the practical as well we theoretical test of driving to get licensed. The driving theory test is highly essential as it checks the driver’s knowledge regarding the rules of the road.

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Questions That Are Answered Wrongly During A Driving Theory Test

Before you give your test, prepare well and revise the content. It is done to ensure that you do not forget the subject matter related to driving. A survey has been conducted. The motorists were asked to give suitable answers to the questions. Majority of them gave wrong answers to the below-mentioned questions. The questions and answers for the same are given below. It will guide you. when you give your theory test.

When Is the Right Time to Undertake A Motor Vehicle?

This is the question which lingers in your mind. It can be done when traffic is moving slowly. You are in a one-way street and the motor vehicle, which is in your front is giving a signal to turn right. Only 27 % of the people answered it correctly.

What Is the Stopping Distance At 70 mph When Conditions Are Normal?

The stopping distance is affected by weather and road conditions. In favorable circumstances, the stopping distance at 70 mph is around 36 meters. 72% of the candidates answered it wrongly because most of the information is available in the tablet form. They forget it easily unless you have sharp mathematical skills.

What Is the Main Reason That Brakes Don’t Work, When You Drive Down A Long Steep Hill?

This occurs because the brakes get overheated. It can be avoided if you maintain a low speed while going down the hill. The drivers need to stop at certain points, if possible so that the breaks can become cool.

What Needs to Be Done At The Pedestrian Crossing, If Amber Light Is Flashing?

According to the rules, if amber light is flashing it is required to give way to the people who are standing on the crossing. The amber and red denote stop and green signifies it’s safe to cross.

What You Will Do If You Take the Wrong Route and You Are on A One-Way Street?

If this happens, you need to continue until the end of the road. Do not take reverse, there are legal ways of going back.

Why Are Yellow Lines Painted Across the Road?

These are made to make you aware of your speed. The lines are thick in structure. These are felt, as the vehicle is driving. The drivers see these lines beforehand and maintain proper speed.

When You Tow A Trailer on A Three-Way Motorway, What Needs to Be Done If Lanes Are Open?

According to rules, the left and the center lanes needs to be used while towing. The rule is not applicable for a two-lane motorway.


Thus, the driving theory test checks the driver’s knowledge regarding the rules of the road. It is very important to study and prepare well theoretically. If you have required expertise, all the questions can be solved successfully with minimum chances of error.