Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Applying for a Graduate Temporary 485 Visa

International students who have recently finished their studies in Australia face troublesome choices regarding their future as their student visas going to be expired. They quickly need to decide whether or not to use for an additional visa and stay in Australia or come back home to their original country.

The natural progression for many international students is the eligibility of the Temporary Graduate 485 visa. This visa is helpful for college students that want to possess full work rights for between 18 months and 4 years of stay in Australia. It’s conjointly a simple approach for college students to achieve relevant work expertise so they’ll increase their points score and enhance their possibilities of acquiring permanent residency in the long-term.

Moreover, this could be the most effective choice for international students, it’s typically exhausting for college students to apply, because of the complicated and multifarious nature of the visa application method. Luckily, many agencies and migration agents can assist you from applying this kind of visa, simply Compare multiple providers for the 485 visa on the internet for your preference and choose the provider which you think will meet your requirements.

There are some mistakes that most of the students create when applying for the Temporary Graduate 485 visa. Below is a list of the following mistakes and how you can prevent these from happening:

1. Missing the Deadline

You must submit your 485 visa application within six months upon the completion date of your course. A typical mistake created by students is to mix up the date of graduation, with the course completion date.

The date of graduation typically happens months after the course completion date, thus if you get the dates incorrectly you will find yourself lodging your application after the deadline which can lead to visa refusal.

2. Choosing the Wrong Stream

The Temporary Graduate 485 Visa has two streams, Graduate Work and Post Study Work.

You must apply for the right stream, at the time of lodgment, because the decision can’t be modified afterward and your 485 visa application could also be refused. Take the time to analyze each of the two streams and perceive the one that will suit your needs.

3. Not Submitting All the Required Documents

All the required documents that are needed by the Department, should be submitted at the time of lodgment of your 485 visa application.

If the documents are missing or incomplete, or if they’re incorrectly submitted, the Department will not inform you to produce them. That’s why it is highly advisable to double and triple-check that you have all the right supporting and required documents which they’re formatted in keeping with the Department’s standards.

4. Not Completing Study Requirements

Below are the main Australian Study necessities that students should meet:

  • Registration below the Commonwealth Register of establishments and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS);
  • Completion of a minimum 16 calendar months of study, while living in Australia,
  • Completion of a minimum length of two academic years of study

Failing to fulfill these study necessities can lead to a visa refusal. The requirement that several students fail to fulfill, is that the completion of a minimum of 16 calendar months of study while living physically in Australia.