Common Mistakes That PR Applicants Make

Permeant Resident (PR) applications for Singapore PR can be a tiring and frustrating process for first timer foreign professionals. It is not unheard of for applicants to have been rejected five times or more. Even more disturbing is that they may not find out what exactly caused their application to fail. To clear up any misconceptions or doubts about the PR application process in Singapore, this article will cover the most common mistakes that applicants make.

Who is In-charge of Approving Applications?

The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) is the government agency in charge of evaluating all PR applications. This governmental body exercises full discretion in deciding the approval or denial of PR applications.

More importantly, they are required to cite reliable grounds for the denial of any application. Otherwise, they will be held liable for the commission of an unlawful act. As such anyone who has had their PR application rejected should take note of the specific area which they were lacking in.

Failing to Provide the Necessary Documents

The ICA requires several documents to be submitted during the PR application process. Commonly, it is the proof of employment and salary that trips applicants up. At the start of the application process, you will be required to prove that you have stayed in Singapore for at least 6 months on a valid work permit that was previously issued by the authorities. This is coupled with the requirement to submit your last six months’ worth of pay slips and a copy of your letter of appointment.

Beyond proving your employment and length of stay, a proof of identity is also required. This is achieved through the submission of two documents. Firstly a photo ID that has been taken within the last three months. Secondly, a certificate of birth must also be submitted.

Applicants should also take special care to ensure that all documents submitted are in English. This means that if the original form of the document is in a different language, you will be required to provide a translated copy. At which point, precise translation must be made without errors.

Inaccuracies in Cover Letters

The PR application process is multi-faceted, requiring you to demonstrate several different qualities. Ultimately, the Singapore government is looking for professionals who are educated, trustworthy, employable and who demonstrate a high probability of making real contributions to society & the economy.

To assess such, cover letters are used as the primary platform for applicants to state their qualifications and their experience in Singapore. Knowing exactly what to write about and demonstrate is key to the success of an application.

Hiring a Trustworthy PR Application Agency

Unsure of what exactly to write in your cover letter? Afraid of wrongful submissions of documents hurting both your time and money during a PR application process? Then you should consider hiring a reputable apply Singapore PR agency to handle the entire application process for you.