Commercial Painting: Give an Exquisite Touch to Your Office

Update and refresh your commercial premises with the elegant touch of commercial painting. Nothing can give your corporate office a fresh and impressive look without a coat of interior and exterior paint. It is cost-effective and gives a welcoming look to your business house. Commercial painting offers comprehensive services such as paint, repair, and patch for your office building to keep it well-performing year after year. Apart from new painting, those commercial painting companies are specialized in restoring the interior and exterior without compromising the original looks.

Why Do You Need Commercial Painting?

There are many reasons why your office needs a new and refreshing painting. Here we will discuss the major causes to answer this question.

  • Enhance your professional image: Refurnished and well-painted office room gives the greatest opportunity to make an everlasting impression to your potential clients. A well-maintained property usually determines the first impression of a professional person. We recommend you to use impressive paint on your commercial space. It makes your marketing image strong.
  • Prevents Water Damage: Properly painted and prepped interior can act as a strong barrier against rainwater. Commercial painting can patch up or repair any part of your commercial place and prevent water damage strongly.
  • Reinforced Paint Protection: Newly painted exterior reinforce the protection of your building from outside elements. If commercial painters access every single area of your building to caulk, patch, prime the damages. Commercial painters restore the exterior to top condition. After completing the whole job, your office building will look impressive and amazing for a long time.
  • Add some property value: The potential building investors are always noticing how much maintenance they need to give their newly purchased building. If your building is maintenance free then the resale value becomes higher. A commercial paint job can easily improve the market value of your property significantly.

Service Offered By Commercial Painting:

  • Wall painting: both overcoat and drywall
  • Exterior renovation before painting
  • Interior and decorative painting
  • Wood trim painting
  • Power washing
  • Fill the crack on sealing with fillers
  • Ceiling painting
  • Texture coatings
  • Painting fences and decks
  • Complete exterior painting of government or private offices
  • masonry repairs
  • On-site spray painting
  • Pressure cleaning of commercial building facades
  • Corrosion repairs and protective coatings for iron and steel

There are some important decisions which you need to make before engaging a commercial painting company to paint your office or retails:

  • First, you need to decide what type of color finish do you want?
  • Second, what color do you prefer for your commercial space? You can choose more than one color for a particular premise.
  • Third, are you interested to paint windows, doors, and skirting boards? If yes, then you need to choose what style and color do you prefer for this.

Overall Cost of Commercial Painting:

The average cost of painting per room$250 to $400
Cost per square foot$10 to $60
Cost per hour$35 to $45
Per day cost$280 to $360
The average cost exterior painting$3500

The Individual Cost of Commercial Painting:

Interior flush doors$144
Stripping wallpaper$12.00 per square meter
Interior sand and seal, wash, varnished surface (with the use of adhesion primer)$8.00 per square meter
Prepare and shelving cabinet$22.00
Fill, prepare, and sand wall$12.00per square meter

If you choose the proper paint at the proper place wisely with the help of a competent professional painter, then the appearance of your commercial place automatically increases. Be with commercial painting to get an elegant vibe of your office.