Classic Car Inspired Accessories

Car enthusiasts are extremely particular about what goes in or onto their cars, so buying gifts for them can become the hardest task during the holiday season or on their birthdays. Yes, they are never the easiest people to shop for. Let’s face it, you probably are not going to be buying them a vehicle but you still can pick up something thoughtful that are affordable. 

Although asking them what they want in advance may seem like a good way to figure it out, do be prepared to get a long list of items. Do you have a classic car enthusiast in your gift-gifting list that is coming up?  Well fret not. Here are some pretty cool gift ideas for your car enthusiast friend or family member. You can be rest assured that these are gifts that any auto enthusiast would love to unwrap.


A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving all year round. When your classic car enthusiast is not working on restoring a car, he or she can be reading up on the next restoration project or stay current with advice from others.

Classic T-Shirts

Everyone likes t-shirts so why not let the serious motor and car enthusiasts in your life publicly display a preferred year, make or model automobile. Classic car t-shirts offer timeless style to any wardrobe. A t-shirt with bold graphics on classic vehicles makes a great fashion statement. It can easily be paired with a pair of denim or shorts for a casual look.


Books written about a particular vintage car are especially precious to a restoration enthusiast when they include glossy color photos of original models.

Model Engines

There is no doubt about it that purchasing a model engine for the car or truck enthusiast in your life is a wonderful gift idea that can be shared for years to come.  Choose replicas from a specific, beloved brand such as the Dodge Challenger or the Chevy Street Rod model. Model engines gifts will ensure that your recipient gets the ideal engine model of their dreams. Model of the preferred vintage car are particularly enjoyed when displayed in the restoration enthusiast’s workshop.

Car Cover

Dust is hard on a car’s finish and a custom car cover made to fit the classic vehicle will keep it clean and shiny when not in sue as well as keeping it protected, even if it is kept parked in the garage.

Gas Station Signs and Memorabilia

Road tripping is a fun past time especially for a car-enthusiast who love taking his car out for a drive. If he enjoys the open road, he would probably become familiar with particular landmarks and sights. Old gas station signs and memorabilia make excellent gifts as they remind him of their travel. The signs can be hanged on the wall and make excellent conversation pieces as well as an excellent addition to the home of a classic car enthusiast.

Classic Car Alarm Clock

Lovers of classic car can wake up every morning to something he loves with a classic car alarm clock.

Hope you can find some gift-giving inspiration from the list above and give the car people in your life the best gift yet.