The Nuances of Certificate IV in TESOL in Sydney and Melbourne

With the development in economy and international interdependence, the rise in the demand for learning English has scaled heights. People are now more inclined towards knowing the subtleties of this language in order to facilitate the easy pursuance of various activities. Apart from that, due to the recent rise in the migration activities, the need for mastering the language has multiplied manifolds. Further, with the rise in the globalisation of the employment sector, people are eager to take up jobs, and employment opportunities at foreign lands to widen their exposure. Due to this, learning this universal language has acquired the top-most priority in many people’s list. Therefore, the increase in the demand for learning the language has opened up new avenues for teachers who are eager to take up the job of teaching this language.

But with the rise in demand and value of learning this language, the focus has shifted to acquiring the knowledge from a qualified and able teacher. In order to cure the dilemma of people trying to segregate between reliable sources for learning the language, the TESOL course exists. A qualification of TESOL is an international qualification standard to certify people who are the best to impart the knowledge on the nuances of the language. Therefore, while looking for certified teachers to teach this language, one must look for this particular qualification in the CV of the teacher. Most of the reputed institutions are also eager to hire teachers who possess a degree on the same from a government validated institution. The degree in its entirety is beneficial for both, the person aspiring to learn the language and the person who is willing to teach the same.

The demand and supply of this course are rampant on the Australian continent. Many institutions grant Certificate IV in TESOL Sydney, Melbourne, Bondi, Darwin, etc. These courses are basically streamlined to suit the demands of the teachers who are aspiring to take the course. Such courses mainly target non-native speakers, who are willing to take up a career in teaching English, people with no teaching experience, teachers with experience who want to formalise their skills to teach in Australia, experienced teachers who want to improve their communicative skills and the likes. This course provides the requisite credibility to a person who aims to teach non-native speakers and immigrants. It also aids in the growth of their communicative and thinking skills during interactive sessions. Further, it also prepares them to function in competitive and trying circumstances.

The course structure of institutions dealing in Certificate IV in TESOL Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, etc. is mostly spread over 14-52 weeks with expert trainers to make the entire process smooth and sorted. These courses are prepared and monitored by experts who are well-versed with all the intricacies of this program. Therefore, the entire course structure is built on a robust framework of expertise and experience. The course structure mainly comprises a minimum of 100 contact hours and a minimum of six hours of supervised TESOL teaching. Apart from that, the course covers within its ambit certain core units and one elective unit. The core units revolve around mastering the concepts of handling group-based-learning, assisting learners to improve grammar and pronunciation helping them to enhance their reading and writing skills and the likes. The elective unit mostly deals with strategies to creatively engage the learners in learning the language. These are also accompanied by written assignments and teaching practices. The end result of this entire course is that the person taking the course masters effective planning and organisation for the proper transfer of knowledge. It also aids in the overall professional development, thereby helping both the teacher and the learner in harnessing optimum benefits from the course.