Celebrate Turkey’s Fashion On Modanisa With The Modanisa Promo Code

They are based in Istanbul but have loyal customers in over a hundred and thirty countries. The website is available in five global languages- English, German, French, Turkish, and Arabic. They are currently catering to over 16 million customers in a month on their online platforms; both the application and the website. They have partnered with over 650 brands and have a database of over 70,000 products. They ship thousands of products every day to five continents. Naturally, with such a flourishing business, they offer heavy discounts that can be availed through the modanisa discount code.

Modanisa is Turkey’s most popular online shopping site for women it offers a wide range of clothing styles that are not just limited to the Islamic culture but also embrace other cultures and mix it with their own to create new designs and products.

They ship their products worldwide and thus, have a very large customer base. It was started to provide clothes for women that befit their style and fashion trends.  It was launched on Mother’s Day in 2011 and was Turkey’s first-ever online shopping site dedicated solely to women.

Designers and Brands

They have collaborated with many renowned Turkish brands and designers and created a fresh collection for their website. From designers like Nihan Peker, Mayovera, Al Sheikha, etc. to brands like Tekbir, Armine, Bambi, etc. they have something for everyone’s needs. For more information on the designers and brands, you can check out their website and even consult with the chat-bot. This line of their collection is usually on the expensive side of the scale, and designers offer modanisa promo code to encourage women.

Concept of the Modanisa Discount Code

The trend of offering discount codes was started to attract newer customers and to reward loyal ones. There are different kinds of discounts that they offer all year round; purely a business strategy.

They offer a modanisa promo code to new customers when they sign up on the website. It can be redeemed within a stipulated period at the time of purchase.

They also offer seasonal discounts and special discounts during festivities. Some modanisa promo code is applicable only when you purchase more than the mentioned amount. Some coupons are valid only on selected items, while some can be used on all kinds of items. Since they have collaborated with a few designers, they also offer modanisa promo code on their collection.


Not only has the policy of offering discounts helped them prosper but has also widened their network. It attracts a lot of people and after which they become regular customers of Modanisa. Their unique blend of Western and traditional designs is what sets them apart as well as a beautiful understanding of the needs of women. Women of all body types and shapes can find some beautiful piece of clothing. You can even purchase the modanisa promo code from online sites and go on a shopping spree and satisfy your soul!