Celebrate Rakhi with Your Sister-in-Law

According to Hindu culture, the festival of Raksha Bandhan was traditionally celebrated amongst siblings. Over the past few years, the traditions have significantly evolved and picked up pertaining to the current scenario of the modern country. The changing customs have given rise to the celebration of the rakhi festival across different relations in India, today.

Apart from the brother-sister, Raksha Bandha is also celebrated with sisters-in-law. Tying a rakhi on their wrist strengthens our bond with them. To honour the bond between a sister and a sister-in-law, Indians tie a Lumba rakhi. Although tying a Lumba rakhi is originally a Marwari tradition, it has gained mass popularity over the years.

What is a Lumba Rakhi?

The term, Lumba signifies a bangle in Marwari. It also means the length of life. A Lumba rakhi is tied on a sister-in-law’s bangle to pray for the long life of a brother. Many Marwari families tie a Lumba Rakhi on their sister-in-law’s bangle on the fifth day of Bhadrapada month, i.e. Rishi Panchami and not Narari Purnima.

The trend of Lumba rakhi is was picked up five years ago. While a tiny number of Maharashtrians and North Indians buy Lumba rakhi is, Gujratis are slowly beginning to adapt to the trend of Lumba rakhi is. These Lumba rakhi is are also known as bhabhi rakhis, which are made up of beautiful sequins and danglers.

While Lumba rakhi is signify the importance of a sister-in-law in the family, buying Lumba rakhi means is equally crucial. Since a sister-in-law is the newest addition in the family, it might take us time to figure out her likes and preferences. Before ordering rakhi gifts online for her, let’s look at these tips to purchase Raksha Bandhan gift for sister-in-law:

  1. Pick up the cues

Picking up a gift for sister-in-law on Raksha Bandhan might seem like a daunting task. But, trust us, it’s not! Look for the cues that she drops. For instance, if she wanted to buy that gorgeous dress that she saw in the store last week, buy her that and wait for her reaction.

  1. Consider her likes

The least we can do for our sisters-in-law is buying her a gift as per her taste. Consider her likes and dislikes while buying rakhi gifts for a sister-in-law. Don’t forget, it’s her gift. So pick up a gift for her based on her style and personality.

  1. Think out-of-the-box

Buying dresses or jewellery is the last thing we should gift our bhabhi. Such gifts are regular, which is why it wouldn’t impress our bhabhi. Go an extra mile and invest in personalized gifts for Raksha Bandhan. Personalised rakhi gifts will convey efforts in an unsaid way that will strengthen the bond.

  1. Loosen the budget

Price is a critical factor of purchase. However, don’t base the purchase decision completely on the price. If there’s something that she will like, which is out of the budget, buy it for her. After all, the festival of Raksha Bandhan falls only once a year. Our sisters-in-law deserve special love and attention during this day.

Make sisters-in-law feel at home this Raksha Bandhan. Pamper her with immense love and gifts this rakhi season for all that she has done for the family and us so far.