Caviar: Everything You Need to Know

Caviar is a fine delicacy enjoyed all over the world. These salted fish eggs which are non-fertilized come in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. But in order for caviar to be served as genuine the eggs must come from the fish of a sturgeon or otherwise known as sturgeon roe. A sturgeon will have a long body that can grow to an impressive ten feet in length and can be found in oceans, lakes and any other salt inhabited water environment.

Of course, you might be asking that all female fish lay eggs in order to reproduce so they all will need to have fish roe. If this were the case caviar would not be expensive. Not absolutely all fish roe can be viewed to be changed into caviar.

We will explore the different types of caviar including wasabi that is available to you:

Beluga Caviar

Beluga Caviar the most popular form of caviar and a pound of this roe can cost thousands. Beluga has its name due to originating from the Beluga Sturgeon. This is the largest breed of sturgeon and can usually be found in the Caspian Sea. This large stretch of salt water is surrounded by Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia but it is worth noting that the Beluga Sturgeon can also be originated in the Black Sea in Europe. The reason that this caviar is so expensive is because it takes twenty years for the eggs to be harvested and unfortunately the sturgeon must be fully mature before eggs can be taken. To improve the taste of beluga caviar, prepare it with eggs, cream cheese or any other type of food that is quite bland in flavor. But above all, enjoy your meal.

Wasabi Caviar

Capelin is a small forage fish of the smelt family found in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans which produces caviar considered to be of exceptionally high quality. Capelin is often mixed with wasabi to make wasabi caviar, a delicacy with a truly unique and satisfying taste.

Sterlet Caviar

Another popular form of caviar is Imperial Caviar which gets its name from the Sterlet Sturgeon. The Sterlet Sturgeon is almost extinct in the Black Sea which is why this type of caviar is very expensive. But there are also less expensive types of caviar which can be found in the waters of the United Kingdom. You can expect the eggs to be smaller than the Beluga Cavia, and British caviar is usually served on toast. Once again it should not be served on a metallic spoon or else ruin the flavor.