Can Windows VPS Server Hosting Give Your Business What It Needs?

You may not be able to identify the reasons why your website is not successful in catering to the needs of your clients. One key reason which many business owners tend to overlook is the performance of the hosting platform they have signed up for. Sometimes, the traffic is far more than what the resources available to you can handle.

Most businesses prefer to start out with shared hosting plans as these are pocket friendly. Sooner or later their websites start to grow and the shared plans can no longer meet the growing demands of the traffic. This is when an upgrade to VPS hosting becomes necessary. You can decide to choose either managed VPS hosting or unmanaged hosting, depending on your budget and preferences. Unmanaged hosting should be chosen as an option only when you have a capable and experienced internal IT team to assist you in server management. For companies which want hosting solutions that can guarantee serious growth, Windows VPS server hosting may be a smart decision.

When should you choose Windows VPS server hosting plans?

  • When you realize that your business needs 100% uptime all the time to be able to satisfy your customers, you should choose VPS solutions. If you continue to stick to the shared hosting plans, you run the risk of losing your buyers.
  • If you find that your website is loading very slowly and your neighboring sites in a shared hosting environment are using up too many server resources, you should switch to Windows VPS.
  • Since VPS plans offer a high degree of scalability you must sign up for these solutions. You cannot predict the exact traffic needs for the site for the next year but you can always predict the growth rate. Choosing to sign up for dedicated servers may be a wrong decision as it is not as flexible and the plans are very costly. VPS plans prove to be the best bet because you can get almost all the advantages of dedicated servers for much lower rates.
  • Finally, businesses which experience seasonal traffic bursts will stand to gain maximum from VPS hosting plans. Ecommerce stores are likely to witness huge traffic spikes during annual sale periods, wedding seasons and holidays. In such situations, signing up for Linux or Windows VPS server hosting makes a lot of sense.

What are the key benefits which Windows VPS server hosting plans can offer your business?

  • To begin with, when you choose to get Windows VPS servers you can enjoy supports for a variety of technologies that have been launched by Microsoft. So, if your business runs applications which have been created using .Net technologies, signing up for Windows plans is essential. Such apps will only run in a Windows environment. Besides, Windows VPS can comfortably support the larger databases; this is also why these plans are found to be most useful for running ecommerce websites.
  • Windows VPS server hosting plans will be compatible with many control panels. These are also customizable and help the administrators to monitor their sites seamlessly. They will be backed by Windows 2003 and 2008 which have very advanced management features. So, for web master desiring solutions which can give them more flexibility and security, Windows VPS server hosting is useful.
  • Compared to Linux servers, businesses prefer using Windows servers as they are more familiar working with Microsoft tools. Users find it much easier to customize settings in the servers because they are already experienced in working with the Windows interface.
  • Businesses are also seen to prefer Windows VPS server hosting because these plans will allocate a definite amount of resources to your site which is guaranteed to maximize the website performance. Linux plans, on the other hand, offer moderate amounts of CPU and RAM which can help the site to function optimally but your site will need far more hardware power as a reserve to handle future traffic spikes.

Before you sign up for Windows VPS server hosting, you must understand what your business needs and then decide on the kind of hosting plan that can cater to these needs. Even the Windows VPS options offered by hosts may have varying features and prices. You should decide on managed or unmanaged solutions after carefully considering whether your staff is equipped well enough to monitor servers independently. Not all plans are reliable and therefore, checking the reputation and track record of the provider becomes important. You should ideally review the terms of their SLAs to be sure you know the uptime guarantees they offer and the compensations you will get if those guarantees are not met. Finally, you can sign up for free trials with reputed web hosts before signing up for Windows VPS.