Buying A Time And Attendance System For Your Business In 2020? Here’s What You Need To Know:

Instead of using paper time sheets and wall-mounted time cards for monitoring your employees’ working hours,  the era of today’s advancement in technology has come up with digital time and attendance systems that give you the access you to everything you need to manage different aspects of your employees’ time.

This not only includes recording the “Entry and Exit” times of your employees, but also helps in recording their working hours, their work schedules, their half-days and over-times, their rest breaks, etc. If you are planning to buy a time and attendance system in 2020, then you will find a huge range of options available in the market.

In today’s article, , we’ve highlighted a few things you need to keep an eye on in a latest designed, fully-equipped TNA system.

  • Multiple device support: If your business has a number of employees working on fields and off-sites, then you need a time and attendance system that can allow your workers to punch in their enter and exit times through multiple ways, like from their mobile phone, laptop, text message, telephone, or even over social media. The system offers cloud-based solutions too, so that you can access the recorded data from anywhere any time with ease. Cloud-based solution also means that your employees can punch in from their mobile phone on one day, and from their laptop on another day.
  • GPS tracking: When your employees are entering their working times from a remote location, there is high chance to falsely enter their location. To keep an eye on that, the time and attendance system lets you do so with an advanceda GPS tracking system. The GPS system installed on their devices would record their location every few minutes, so that you can see where your employees exactly are. The system that you choose should record their coordinates not only at the time of punching in and out, but during their working hours too.
  • Automatic alerts: TheTNA systems with lasts functionalities  are capable to send real-time alerts on your mobile phone whenever your employees are nearing over-time, exceeding their off-times, taking more than allowed lunch hours, moving away from their workplace without punching in, taking excessive leaves, etc. If your employees are working on a particular project, you can set deadlines to complete short-term or long-term goals. If your employees are taking more time than the deadline, the time and attendance system will send you automatic alerts about that. When you receive these alerts, you can find out ways to handle the situations accordingly.
  • Advanced face recognition: Earlier time and attendance systems used your employees’ fingerprints to punch them in or out. But they did not work when their fingers were dirty, bruised, dry or wet. To counter that problem, the latest TNA systems in 2020 come with advanced face recognition features. These systems recognize your employees by their face matrix. Some advanced systems can even scan your employees’ face from a number of angles, so that they can identify their face even if they wear sunglasses on a sunny day, cap on a chilly winter day, or if they wear a different hair style or new earrings on a good-mood morning.
  • Job costing: Latest TNA systems have each of your employees’ pay-out saved in them. Based on their working hours, paid leaves and unpaid leaves, the system calculates their salary each month and tell you the amount you have to pay to them. With such a feature, their salary is automatically calculated, thereby leaving no scope for mistakes and arguments. This feature also saves your time and energy you would have invested in doing these calculations manually.

So, if you are planning to buy a time and attendance system in 2020, look out for these top 5 features that would definitely make your office management easier.