Business Phone Number Applications for All Smart Phones

There are many business owners who are fed up with call charges. These days, for effective communication, calling facility is one of best facility. By making call, you can connect with the person who is available in other part of the world. But, all business organizations are not able to pay too much call charges for international calling. Telecom companies chares too much and business organizations are facing too much problem in connecting with other people. They want some other way so that they can connect to other person in cheap calling rate. Solution of this problem is business phone number.

Business owner can contact to one who provides business phone number only on effective call plans including Mightycall and Line2. You can make call to any part of the world and only will pay local call charges. You may also choose the plans from companies which may be weekly or monthly. You may think that how you can choose which is best and which is not. Here, we have given all top rated business phone number providers. Now, you have to choose that which one is able to fulfill your requirements or which is not.

There is huge number of service Provider Company for business phone number. If you want one of best business phone numbers with huge advantages, then choose the one from below given list.

Service Provider                                  Advantages                                         


Nextiva     no contract  extra cost if you demand extra service

Best customer service

Most suitable for startups

Phone  integrated with smart phones extra fees for extra calls

Unlimited minute plan with low rate

  Provides VoIP service also

Virtual PBX

unlimited extensions

extra cost for more lines

Problem recovery

Easy to use interface

Different plans for different

Type of business

RingCentral, cheapest voip phone service

exceptional ACD system

Provides VoIP service also

User friendly and easy accessible


Grasshopper   unlimited extensions

no outbound calls

Call recording

Easy use of interface

Best suited for toll free calls

If you want any specific smart phone application, then you have to choose the application on the basis of your smart phone that you have android smart phone or iOS smart phone. Many applications are available on the google play store and you have to register yourself on the google play store. Download any business phone number provider application that will give you business phone number with negligible call charges.

A lot of business phone number applications work well and provide best rated quality for voice calls and video calls. Many users may think that such applications will take lot of space in their smart phone but this is completely wrong. Only few MBs will acquire by any of above given business phone number provider application.