Buffet Dining: Dos and don’ts

You have probably been to numerous events where food is served in a buffet style. However, have you ever thought about the buffet etiquette in terms of the dos and don’ts? Well, just like any other situation, buffet as some rules and guidelines to be followed so that everyone has a great time.

From corporate events to family events, there are many events where food is served in a buffet. In all these events, proper buffet etiquette has to be adhered to so that everyone has a great time. Therefore, before you attend your next event, familiarize yourself with buffet etiquette so you can save yourself from the unnecessary embarrassing moments and avoid grossing others out. The following are the dos and don’ts of buffet dining

Do: Only take what you can finish

Most buffet dining comprises of foods that are superbly prepared hence creating the urge to serve everything hence piling up your plate. This temptation is enhanced when you are hungry. However, serving yourself more than you can finish only portrays you as a greedy person. If it is a corporate event, you risk grossing and annoying  your colleagues when you pile your plate with that sumptuous meal prepared by corporate catering NYC. Incase you are still hungryafter finishing what is on your plate, you can go back but after the others have had their first servings.

Don’t: Get too close to the person in front of you

Always give the person ahead of you enough personal space and elbow room when they are serving themselves. However, this does not mean that you keep your distance even when the person is having trouble balancing or pouring a drink. Keep a safe distance but always be ready to assist where necessary. 

Do: Place serving utensils in their dishes

This will help avoid cross-contamination of the different food served. Also, carelessly placing serving utensils in different dishes may cause someone else to become sick if they are allergic to a particular food. Also, remember to always turn your head always from the serving table when you feel the urge to cough or sneeze.

Don’t: Touch food to be served

You should never pluck something from the serving dish by using your fingers. Always make use of the serving utensils provided and if there is no utensil at hand, inform the catering staff so they can bring another one.  Also, avoid licking your fingers while at the serving counter.

Do: Assist children

If there are children around who are trying to serve themselves, be sure to help serve them and help them to their seats before you serve yourself.

Don’t leave your children to run around

If you have your children with you, do not assume that other people are going to watch over them. Remember it is your responsibility to take care of them. It helps to teach them proper etiquette so you can relax and not have to keep nagging them with their meal.


The above tips will help you be the best guest the next time you attend an event with buffet dining. Don’t hesitate to share them with your friends and family.