Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthday Gifts For Her

Birthdays of the near and dear ones has to be always special. Also, when it comes to friends things are always extra special and people gear up for some extra fun.

Apart from the birthday hamper one can always arrange for a surprise birth day party for the friend which makes the fun and frolic double. Here are some special and lovely gift ideas for the female friend which one can think of giving her on her birthday.

When it comes to female friend there are a lot of options that one can think of as a birthday gift. So, here are some lovely ideas that one can think of:

Beauty baskets

Everyone loves to have some beauty goodies and they can be perfect as a birthday gift. So, one can go for a box full of beauty goodies like body lotions, hand and feet creams and a face cream along with an eye gel. One can also add a beauty face pack in that box which will make it look perfect. And your friend will be elated to get that.

Bath Kit

If your friend loves some lavish bath sessions then this can also be a perfect birthday gift option for her. One can take a basket and fill it with some varieties if bath soaps, bath gels, body and face scrubs along with a body butter. One should not forget to add a loofah in it. Tie a nice ribbon on the basket and gift it to your girlfriend and this can be the best birthday gift for her.

Nail Spa Kit

If your girlfriend loves to decor their nails and take some extra special care of it then this can be a good gift idea for them. It is always not necessary to go to a parlour and do the nails because with the help of nail kit one can do that easily at home. This nail kit contains cutters, shapers and cleaners. One can also add a nail cream and a couple of nail colours with that to make it look complete.


Girls and fragrance always go hand in hand. Each one has their own favourite smell and they keep using them always. So if one is a close friend of yours then one will always know what her favourite smell is. One can always gift her that.

Spa Vouchers

This is something which can be a gift of relaxations. One definitely needs to relax from time to time and going for a spa can rejuvenate their body and relax their nerves. So this is definitely welcome as a birth day gift.


If your girlfriend loves to read then there is the loveliest gift ever for her. Go for a book from her favourite authors or from her favourite genres and gift it to her. Paperbacks still have its own charm and one should not forget to write a handwritten note on it.

One can also get their birthday gifts delivered if they order it from online sites.