Best Local SEO Tips to Rank your Google Map Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) listing is the best bet for businesses, which are aiming at local visibility. GMB is Google’s local business listing platform. If your business is listed in this, it brightens your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Finder and Local Pack. This business listing makes your business’ name, address, phone number and website information available to the users. Further, it adds the business information to Google Map Business Listing for free. You also have the option of adding the description and photos of your business.

If you want to experience the complete benefits of Google Map Business Listing, then you should consider ranking higher on Google Maps. It means that your business should appear higher on the search results when a user searches through Google Maps.

Here are the best tips followed by various SEO services in India to help their client’s business rank higher on Google Maps.

Verify the Information Given

The more the information Google knows about your business, the better it will be displayed. Make sure all the information that you provide regarding the business address, working hours, contact information etc. is accurate. Make sure to weed out any extra information as giving multiple locations or phone numbers for local listing becomes a discredit in Google’s algorithm for local listings.

Good Reviews Play a Crucial Role

If there is a high volume of good reviews for your business, Google recognizes and rewards by ranking your business higher on Google Map Business Listing. If you are doing a business in Hyderabad and have hired a professional SEO company in Hyderabad to improve your local ranking, then it will definitely work towards building the trust and reputation of your business. The positive user reviews add another dimension of trustworthiness to the business.

Categorize the Business

When using Google Map Business Listing for the first time, you get an option of adding a keyword or the primary category that best describes your niche. What most business owners don’t know is that five additional categories can be added to give a detailed description. However, the SEO company in Bangalore, Mumbai or where ever you have hired is aware of this fact and takes full advantage of it. While the primary description should give the main classification, the additional categories should focus on detailing.

Embed a Map

Having a Google Map embedded on the website ensures a higher ranking in Google Map Business Listing. It is in a way assuring the search engine that the business exists at the exact spot where the listing says it is. All lead generation services in India and abroad always take this tip seriously.

Use a Local Phone Number

As you are catering to the local customers, it is always advisable to use the local phone numbers instead of opting for toll-free numbers. You can include the toll-free number on your website, but in Google listings, make use of a local phone number to ensure higher Google Maps ranking.

Formerly known as Google Places, Google Maps function is now a part and parcel of the Google My Business dashboard. If you want to enhance your visibility in the local circles, you need to follow these local SEO tips. This will increase the probability of Google putting your business on the coveted first page of Google Maps.