Best Hyundai SUVs to Get for Yourself

Looking to purchase a Hyundai car?

You have some confusion when purchasing a Hyundai car is understandable. The reason for this is the ample amount of choices Hyundai provides to all of its customers. Most people get confused when so many options are provided by a Vallejo Hyundai showroom. Hence, to clear such confusion this article provides details about the best Hyundai vehicles to check out when ordering one.

  • 2020 Palisade

This is a SUV from Hyundai which is considered to be the best in the market. This comes with a three row seating which can accommodate 7 people or more. It comes with a standard V6 3.8L engine for ample torque and power. It has a towing capacity of 1600 lbs and offers a mileage of 19 when in city and 26 on highway. Palisade comes in six variants where it starts from $31,550 and goes up to $46,400 which is the Limited AWD version.

  • Santa Fe

This is another great car from Hyundai which offers excellent safety credentials. Apart from it ample space provides back seat passengers with ample leg space. Moreover, it is equipped with easy using infotainment system along with numerous other technical features. Also, it has a massive cabin space along with large cargo hold for carrying several items at once.

Furthermore, this is quite a fuel efficient car which is equipped with four cylinder 2.4L engine which offers a torque of 178 lb-ft and 185 horsepower. Front wheel drive and automatic 8 speed transmission is standard option on models. It provides 22 mpg on city and 29 on highways; combined it offers 25 mpg. The price of the base model starts from $25,900 and the highest model costs $37,500 which is Limited 2.0T.

  • Kona EV

Another car which is making waves is the Kona electric version. This SUV comes in similar sporty look like the primary version of Kona.It consists of a quiet and comfortable cabin. This is an environmental friendly vehicle which offers 132 mpg when driven on city and 108 when on highway. Its battery range includesbattery only258 mi.

It comes in three configurations SEL which costs $36,950, Limited one is priced at $41,400, and Ultimate costs $44,900. To know about the electric version as well as the non-electric Kona version contact a Vallejo Hyundai dealer.

  • Tucson

Last in the list is the Tucson which comes in six different variants. Also, it comesequipped with two different engines; one is four cylinder 2L engine which offers 164 HP and the second one is four cylinders 2.4L that provides 181 horsepower. However, both are equipped with automatic six speed transmission. It offers 23 mpg when on city and 28 mpg when driving on highway. The base model starts from $23,350 and the last Ultimate model which is fully decked, costs around $31,700.

Hence, if you are looking to buy a Hyundai car then try these models first. These SUVs are loved by all and you will surely find these quite appealing after taking your test drive. Why wait? Contact the dealer and try it today!