Basic Kitchen Tools and Appliances for the Newbie Baker

Baking is an art. But, more importantly, it is love put on a plate or a baking pan or a tray or whatever you put your baked goodies onto. In other words, it is not complete without putting effort and care into it, especially if you are doing it for the people you love.

For some, baking comes naturally. It can be a family bonding activity or a way to spend the weekends without feeling stressed. Others see it as a hobby while others see it as their way towards success in business. Whatever the purpose is, baking is done with passion. But, being passionate about baking needs to be done with the right tools and appliances to make it a more enjoyable and successful event. For the beginner in baking, here are the basic tools and appliances that can help you in your baking adventure:

Getting the Right Oven

Baking requires an oven, which is undeniable. It can be a stove top or maybe large ovens, it all really depends on your purpose. If you are to use this oven for baking intended for your business, then maybe getting a large one is what you need to do. For homes, ovens usually come with stovetops in order to save space. To start off with your baking journey, make sure you get an oven that meets your preferences.

A Refrigerator to Preserve Your Baked Goodies

A baker will also need a refrigerator to hold your baked goodies. Make sure yours can accommodate the number of baked goodies you create. If you are to make a cake, this is also required because cakes are usually preserved before serving in order to maintain its form and its taste.

Hand Mixer

Although you can use your hands in mixing batters, it will definitely wear you out at some point and besides, it will take a lot of time to do some mixing manually. An electric hand mixer can help you with that task. It saves your time significantly and helps you in getting more things done with the lesser use of your strength which leads to lesser stress, of course. This tool is not as expensive as you think, so better purchase one now.


A sifter is very simple to use, and its purpose is equally simple, actually. You use it to sift dry ingredients such as powdered sugar or flour in order to remove any lumps so your baked goodies will turn out as good as they should be. It is important and it does not even cost much.

Cooling Racks

Before frosting any cake, you should first put them on top of cooling racks in order to properly cool the cake down so that your frosting doesn’t run or melt because of the heat. Cooling racks are important as they can also serve as temporary places where you can put and arrange your baked goods as you prepare or complete other parts of your recipe.

Baking is a fun activity. It can also be considered a science of sorts, given all the exact portions that you need to follow in order to make a great result. These are only some of the important tools in baking. Doing your research and giving it your best shot is also an important aspect in order to win at baking.