Basic Essentials Every Person With Disability Needs To Live Independently

If you are living with an individual with a disability you must understand that they too would want to live independently. As much as possible, they do not want to rely on the help and assistance that other people can provide. They want to do everything on their own if they have the capacity to do so. So if your loved one is currently in this situation, here are the basic essentials that they need for them to be able to live independently.

Accessible Information

Individuals with disabilities should be able to make well-informed decisions in life. That is why information needs to be accessible to them. Whether it is in audio format, in Braile, subtitles, large print, symbols, or can simply be told to them by another person. If they know the information that they need, they can make their own decisions.

Housing Needs

This is a basic need of every individual, with or without a disability. But for persons with disabilities, they need to have their home specifically designed for their needs – wider doors, walk-in shower, level access, and so on.

Peer Support

Peer support does not mean the ones that their family and friends can provide. This may also mean the support that they can get from other persons with disabilities. They also need to meet with them to share their knowledge and experience. We have to admit that disabled people will experience barriers in society. Meeting with other people with the same experiences can help them tackle and face these barriers.

Aids and Equipment

With equipment and aids, these can help them do things without much-needed assistance. Most of the barriers that individuals with disabilities face can be easily resolved by giving them access to a suitable adaptation and NDIS support. By make sure that they have suitable adaptations, you are giving them a greater sense of independence as well as inclusion in activities that other people can do.

Personal Assistance

There will be situations where a person with a disability will be needed personal assistance no matter how much they refuse it. With a personal assistant, this will still keep them in control of how and when will they be needing help. Having a personal assistant will also prevent reliance on close family members or friends. So even with a personal assistant around, you should make sure that they still exercise their choice and control in making their own decisions.

Understand what disabled people need for them to be able to continue on living an independent life is important. Yes, you would want to offer all the help that they need, but they also need to do things on their own, with little to no assistance in any way. So if that is what they prefer, willingly give that to them.